Pray and Expect

By God’s own design, He has given us the power and authority to declare a thing and it shall be established.  The Spoken Word shall be made FLESH!

Why not take our rightful place to PRAY and EXPECT AN ANSWER?  We have more influence with God than we think, and God is just waiting on us.

At times when I pray, I hear Him say “It’s Done!” even if I don’t see it yet.

Act like you have it!  That’s Faith!!! 


Thank Him for it!  Worship Him for Who He is … a Daddy Who doesn’t withhold anything good for you.  Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

There are a lot of stories in the word that at that very moment Jesus says it, surely and immediately He it’s done … so why sweat it?   It happens even if the person concerned isn’t within the vicinity.  His Word spoken is beyond time and space for The Word that He speaks are spirit that give life to our situations.

Ask …. Believe …. Confess …. Demonstrate


When we stand on the Word, SURELY we will see the manifestation. The Word declared will not come back  to Him void.   When it’s released it gets fulfilled into FRUITION!

“No, I will NOT break My covenant;  I will NOT take back a single word I said.  I have sworn an oath to David, and in My holiness I CANNOT LIE.”  Psalm 89:34-35 NLT


3 thoughts on “Pray and Expect

  1. Julie Von Ins

    Thank you for sharing this powerful devotion! This is something the Lord has been speaking to me for a few years (declare/decree/believe/expect), and I needed a reminder. Praise Jesus!

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  2. Julie Von Ins

    Not sure if my last comment went through correctly, but THANK YOU for sharing this powerful devotion. Awesome reminder to declare/decree/believe/expect great things from our mighty, loving, and good God.

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