Moving Forward


Moving forward with God is setting our eyes on what lies ahead.   When driving, in order to accelerate to where we are going, our focus should be on the road ahead of us through the windshield.  At times we glance at our rearview mirror or more often than that at the sideview mirror.  Think with me on this, that if the majority of our focus will be on the rearview and sideview mirrors, it will slow us down or make us stop or possibly even take us off the road.

The same is true with our lives.  Past is past and leave it behind.  This is our rearview mirror.  We may quickly look at it sometimes to see how far we’ve gone and be thankful for those times.  There are always learning experiences that are attached to them.

Sideview mirrors are for those who are running beside us.  Yes, how blessed we are to have family and friends to run to when we’re in need.  Surely they will support us, honk us to move forward.  Let’s be thankful for them, too.

The windshield is for us to see Who is leading us.  Jesus is our Good Shepherd Who is committed to our good.  His Word is a lamp to guide our feet and a light for our path that would keep us safe and unharmed.  It is HE Who holds our good future without loosening His grip on us.  He teaches us and instructs us in the way we should go.

As we trust IN HIM, we rest IN HIM and surely the journey will be full of HOPE, PEACE, LOVE and JOY!

Thank You, Jesus.

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