Heavy Rain is the declaration of what is to come!  It also denotes what’s happening in our lives that is pointing into the GOODNESS OF GOD that is poured down to us by the PRESENCE and POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Rain waters the ground, the trees, the plants and flowers.  Rain causes these to grow and bear fruit.   When the Holy Spirit pours Himself into our hearts (good ground) that are ready to receive what He has for us, intimacy is birthed.  Intimacy with Jesus brings fruitfulness.


Let this be your prayer:

This is my cry …  My one desire …

Is to know YOU more … to know YOU deeper …

Take me into the inner chamber of Your courts and pour Your  Presence in me …

That I may be filled and flooded with You alone …

And out of me will flow rivers of Your love into those empty vessels around me …

That they, too, will taste and see that YOU ARE GOOD!  A Good, Good Daddy God!


Thank You, Jesus …


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