Unstoppable Love


Who can stop Daddy God from loving you?  Nothing and No one! NOT EVEN YOU and your “mess up” moments.  He’ll just gently say to you .. “get up, hold My hand and let’s take a walk.  Come away with me, My beloved.”

“My beloved spoke and said to me, ARISE, My darling, My beautiful one, come with Me.”  Song of Solomon 2:10 NIV


When Jesus said, “IT’S DONE!”, the seal of His love was done!  CASE CLOSED!!!  No matter what you’ve done, His Blood has dealt it and has left out none!  When He sent His Son, He thought of you as “My beloved man” or “My beloved woman”.

His love is deep, His love is wide and it covers us

His love is fierce, His love is strong, IT’S FURIOUS

His love is sweet, His love is wild and it’s waking hearts to life

Song:  FURIOUS by Jeremy Riddle


Thank You, Jesus, for loving me with Your everlasting love that cries out … “EXPECT LOVE, LOVE AND MORE LOVE!”

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