It Shall Come To Pass


Be strong and courageous!  Have a heart of a finisher for you have been wired to conquer and possess what you are believing for!  Dare to believe that our God is ABLE and FAITHFUL!  Step out of the boat, get your feet wet and walk on water.

I’ve realized that there is a difference between Peter who stepped out of the boat when Jesus said to him, “COME!” and the believers of today.

Peter walked on water TOWARDS Jesus.  We, believers, walk on water WITH Jesus.  We are IN HIM and HE IN US.   How then can we sink?  Selah!  In spite of the waves and the winds, we are IN CHRIST above the waters.

But this doesn’t happen automatically.   We need to get our minds conformed and renewed according to His Word.  We need to get connected to Him all the time that will keep us from being easily shaken because of His enveloping Presence that buffers the blow of problems.  We stay close to Him to stay on course with Him.   I once asked the Lord, “How do I walk on water, Lord?”  and suddenly a thought came to me that said .. “water is the Word of God and one of the evidences that you’re walking on water is when you step out to do what you have been led to do according to what has been spoken to you regardless of its cost.”  Hmmmm …

How do we know then that our thoughts are right?  Hmmmm … “The thoughts of the righteous are right …”  Proverbs 12:5

The accuser of the brethren will always put doubts in our heads BUT do we really believe that when God said, “Exactly as I planned, it will happen.  Following My blueprints, it will take shape.”?  Isaiah 14:24 MSG   When we have already stepped out of the boat and now walking on water, whose voice will we be listening to?   Would it be our Savior’s voice that will keep us above the water or to the accuser’s that make us doubters?



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