I Can, You Can … We Will!


We are designed by God to be to fulfill our own destinies and responding to what He says about us is honoring HIM and concurrently HIM giving pleasure and delight to you and me.

When you know who you are IN HIM and how He designed you to be, YOU WOULDN’T DESIRE TO BE SOMEONE ELSE!  You wouldn’t even try to compare yourself with others.  Instead, such knowledge will propel and motivate you to complement with others.

The world He created is large enough to contain every seed of greatness He deposited in us.  It is more than enough for every person to have a part to play and a place to stay in His Divine jigsaw puzzle!  To fight, strive and connive to get what we want in our own way at the expense of others is not in His agenda.  A piece of a puzzle can never fit anywhere else except where it should be!  WHY NOT seek Him first and KNOW who you are IN HIM that would posture you to be filled and flooded with Himself and be led by His Spirit to position you to be in a place meant for you.  When you find it, SURELY it is a perfect fit for you and a perfect place of rich fulfillment.

To seek Him is to know His Word.  You can never separate Jesus from His Word.  In Revelation, His name is The Word of God (Revelation 19:13 NKJV).   Just as a manual of a particular design of product gives you instructions on how to maximize the use of it, you and I have His Word that is meant to reveal to us our identity IN CHRIST and be thoroughly equipped for every good work THROUGH CHRIST by the power of the Spirit.

I like what the role of the Holy Spirit is in our lives.  He reveals to us what has already freely given to us.  What He hears our Father and Jesus talking, He transmits it to us and what we hear, we receive!   What we receive, we believe!  What we believe, we declare!  What we declare will be established!

He speaks to us in a million and one ways.  You may hear Him speak through a preacher, a teacher, a song or you read the Word, a billboard, a book, a flyer, a facebook wall.  Looking at nature and how everything moves could be His way as well.  God always has His ways and means to communicate with us in however He desires.  It is in the constancy and consistency of our awareness of Him that positions us to be at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing with the right heart.

When we are where we are supposed to be and you are where you are supposed to be, complementing each other, encouraging and edifying each other, helping each other, loving each other, then we get to be privileged to be a part of God’s divine jigsaw puzzle, making a difference in people’s lives, bringing heaven on earth, filling the whole earth with His goodness as the waters covers the sea.  That’s His Kingdom agenda!

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