STOP! In The Name Of Love


I was driving along the streets of Bonifacio Global City and what a big smile this stop light brought me!  A “heart” stop light in February just in time for Valentine’s Day!  wooohooo!  Last December was cool. The green lights were Christmas Trees and the red lights were Stars!  Who can beat that?

Time is like running water.  Once it passes by, it will never pass that way again.  Make use of it wisely so you will immensely benefit from it.

Stopping is never wasted time!  It could be a rest and refreshing time … meditation time … coffee/tea time … chat time …massage time or however you define it.

The best STOP one could ever have is to STOP…in the Name of Love!  STOP for the One Who loved us first!  “We love Him because He FIRST loved us.”  1 John 4:19 NKJV

We always desire to spend time with the One we love and whom we love most we spend most of our time with Him.  Make time in His presence.  Invest it wisely.  Meditate on His word.  Feast at the table of His goodness.  Feed on His faithfulness.  Intimately commune with Him to hear His heartbeat and soak in His presence in the secret place until you come out smelling like Him, talking like Him and doing things like Him.  There is nothing more He desires for us to be than to be like Him.  After all, He originally created us according to His image and likeness.  That’s being Christ-like!  That’s being a Christian.

Then, STOP for the ones He calls you to stop … in the name of LOVE!

STOP for the people who are very dear to you.  Your family and friends need you as much as you need them.  That’s LOVE!

STOP for the people God divinely connected you to.  That’s LOVE!

STOP and acknowledge your boss and your colleagues.  That’s LOVE!

STOP and smile to the attendant in a gas station or maybe give him a big tip enough to surprise him!  That’s LOVE!

STOP and respond to the greetings of the security guards at the malls and offices or better yet greet them first!  That’s LOVE!

STOP for your helpers!  Appreciate and thank them for their service!  Treat them well and treat them out for a meal at times!  That’s LOVE!

STOP and look around!  There are MORE opportunities for you to show love to those around you than you think but until you do so, you won’t know.  If to SMILE to someone is all you can do, then do it.  That’s LOVE!

STOP and appreciate the beauty of what surrounds you.  Thank God for His creation!   That’s LOVE!

Time is a gift!  The present is His wonderful gift!  Choose to spend it in His presence where there is fullness of JOY that becomes your strength and that same JOY will enable you to diffuse the fragrance of His love to those around you.  Yes, “owe anyone nothing but LOVE!” (Romans 13:8)


Love is perfected when demonstrated! 


Photo Credits:  Melai Gador Felicidario

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