God Always Speaks


Have you ever wondered if God speaks?  Oh well, if Jesus is the exact representation of our Heavenly Father and His name is the Word of God, then it is just but norm for Him to speak.  When He speaks that means there are hearers and listeners.  You are I are His sheep and Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice.”

“When he has brought out all who are his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.”  John 10:4

Our ears are always exposed to a lot of sound produced by anything around us.  It may be the rustling sound of leaves, the chirping of the birds, a song playing in a mall, or a voice of a friend who is calling.   Or it could be the sound of silence when we see words, signs, slogans, quotes, pictures, paintings or sketches.  When these things catch our attention and touch our hearts in a very tender yet powerful way, we know that God is breathing in our direction.  No one needs an explanation when He speaks and touches us.  We just KNOW!  When He makes moves to awaken us, He is reminding us that He is alive and is with us.

Every time I drive to and from work, He always guides my eyes to see words written in vehicles that makes me think of Him while in my car.  From the very first time He opened my spiritual eyes to see this custom-made language that we have, He never fails to show up.  I would see verses that I’ll never think one will have the audacity to permanently mark their vehicles with.   This is one of our love languages.  It is simple but very powerful.

A lot of times, I get to see even the tiniest words written that ALWAYS put a smile on my face and warm my heart.  It is during these moments when I get revelations while driving that are on point to what I need to be aware of at that exact moment.

Once I thought of travelling and the expenses that are to be considered, suddenly a cab like the one in the photo came up beside me.  “GOD WILL MAKE A WAY” is His phrase of assurance for me.  Daddy God always makes sure that He is heard loud and clear that guarantees and secures my heart that He’s got me covered.  I always get awesomely surprised.

The best part of this love language that we have is that the more we treasure them in our hearts, the more opportunities come our way for Him to speak.  Through these He gives us HOPE!  He brings LIGHT when we get confused!  He COMFORTS when we’re down!  He directs our paths!  He makes us JOYFUL every time.  And most of all, He simply demonstrates how mindful He is of us because He so loves us.

A lifestyle of hearing Him is simple.  Sometimes or shall I say a lot of times we make things complicated.  Ask Him for your own custom-made love language today and share your experiences with those around you that they, too, will be able to elevate their awareness of God’s presence in their lives.

This is simplicity in intimacy!


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