Shall Chaos Triumph?

“And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.”  (Deuteronomy 31:8)

Have you ever noticed the strong promptings in your heart that are impossible to ignore?  They are irresistible that simply lead you to do them even if they don’t make a lot of sense. 

Know that the Lord our God is the Omniscient One.  He knows all things.  He knows the end from the beginning.  Nothing is unknown to Him.  He gave us His Spirit to abide in us forever to lead and guide us in the way that we should go.  Our part is to KNOW Him and TRUST Him for we can only yield and submit our will to the will of Someone we know and Someone Who loves and cares for us.

A month ago, I was preparing for my trip to attend a women’s conference halfway across the globe. I borrowed a medium size suitcase from my cousin, but she lent me two, medium and large, in which one was intended for her shopped things on my way back.

The day before I left, I saw a large plastic transparent bag in my room and felt a tug in my heart to put it inside the suitcase, and so I did.   Along with it were extra cable ties that may come in handy.

In one of my stopovers where I needed to change airlines, upon check in, again, I felt this weighty pull in my heart to get two extra carry-on luggage tags, and so I did. 

The conference started and I was more than excited to be present, expectant to receive all that my spirit, soul and body can receive, take in and contain. It was an extraordinary one where the tangible manifestation of the Presence of God was literally physically felt.

On the second day of the conference, there was a beautiful artwork that was presented. My eyes were glued to it in amazement and in an instant, I visualized on which part of my house it will hang. It was so vivid that I couldn’t somehow bear the fact if it will not materialize. This is what faith is all about. It is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen. It is the ASSURANCE of the outcome when what we are believing for has not physically come out yet. We just know … that we know … that we know … it’s a done deal. How? We simply trust the One Who knows it all and knows that one specific way for it to come to pass.

“Now faith is the ASSURANCE (the CONFIRMATION, the TITLE DEED) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].”  (Hebrews 11:1 AMPC)

The artwork was up for partnership in a freedom fund. When the amount was stated, many stood up to engage with their whole hearts to partner. Some with full smiles in excitement. Some were crying, being blessed and privileged to take part of it. Each has her own personal response, but my heart ached with tearful eyes knowing that it was way beyond my capacity to sow for it, considering my expenses for this trip. And so, I just quietly sat there staring at the artwork, still with the vision of it hanging on my wall.

That same day, I was sharing with one of my conference buddies who is now a very dear friend of mine regarding my vision.  We briefly talked about it.   When we reached our hotel, at the elevator door, with the artwork in her hand, she simply said, “If it’s okay with you, I would like to sow this to you.”  To my amazement, I replied, “I would love to, but please pray about it and if it is really in your heart to sow it, cheerfully sow it, I will accept it wholeheartedly.”

Before I left for this trip, I also had one place that I desired to visit and dine in that particular city. I was also talking to the same friend of mine about it and came to know that they have been there early this year, yet they were willing to go with me. Lo and behold, after our session on the third conference day, someone they knew drove us there. We may not have had dinner at that one particular place that I wanted because it was full, but we were in the same vicinity and extremely enjoyed every minute of it. We ate! We laughed! We fellowshipped!

We were of different nationalities, five of us, and I was so blessed when I heard one said at dinnertime , “We may come from five different nations, but because we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within us, it seems like we’ve known each other for so long and yes, we get along.” Oh wow!!!

See how the Lord knows our desires and make them happen?  None of our thoughts escapes His notice.  He is so ever mindful of usEven in His largeness nothing gets lost; Not a man, not a mouse, slips through the cracks.”  (Psalm 36:7 MSG).   We just need to be more aware of how aware He is of us.  If it matters to us, it surely matters to Him.

The last powerful day of the conference came and I savored every millisecond of it. This was something I was not yet ready to end, but the time has come. Indeed, everything has a season, and everything that I have taken in from this conference is to equip me to be ready in and out of season. The manifest Presence of God, the powerful Word taught and preached, the anointed praise and worship, the intimate fellowship, the good food … the overall event was simply cut out for me. Of course, the other attendees may say the same way, too, as the Lord deals with us so uniquely and personally.

Then, we said our “goodbyes”.  Oh by the way, do you know that the original text of the word  “GOODBYE” is “God Be With You”?  Hmmmm … I learned it from this conference, too.  I just thought it best to share.

We came back to our hotel.  Some were getting ready to leave for their flights while others were scheduled on the next day, like me.   Since I was not in a hurry, I was relaxing at the lobby, having my cup of tea, taking my own sweet time.  When I was done, I headed towards the elevator.  At the very end of the hallway, I saw my dear friend who was about to leave for her flight.  She called my name, went briefly back to her room, came out and said, “I have something for you”.  And there I saw on her hand the poster transport tube containing the artwork while she was walking towards me.  As she handed it to me, she said, “I’m going to sow this to you.”  HALLELUJAH!  I thanked her, spoke a blessing upon her, we tightly hugged and then she left for her flight.

There I was left with mixed emotions while walking towards my room. Oh how mindful, forever mindful the Lord our God is of us Who gives us the desires of our hearts as we continually delight ourselves in Him.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
    but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” (Proverbs 13:12)

As I was packing my things, I saw the large transparent plastic bag which perfectly fit the tube in it, sealed it with cable ties and put the carry-on luggage tag. Hmmmm … nothing just happens. Every little thing was intricately interwoven for His purpose. Glory to God.

Nahhh … this is not yet the end of my testimony. The best is yet to unfold, so fasten your seatbelt 😊!

Because I have the tendency to forget things which I always combat with the declaration that “I have the mind of Christ!”, I put the extra carry-on luggage tag on my wrist which was attached to the poster transport tube. This time it could not fit inside the large suitcase yet since the medium one is in it. The intention was both suitcases will only be used on my way back home.

I was very careful with it at the airport, on the plane and during my stopover. At my final domestic destination, there was a slight delay caused by the aircraft at our assigned gate that was still about to push back. At this point, the captain announced our gate number and as I glanced outside the window, I saw it as well.

Finally, we blocked in and deplaned. I wanted to use the toilet before heading to the baggage claim area but did not want to use the one nearest to the gate since it was full. So, I counted and decided to use the third one from our assigned gate. I entered in and suddenly I saw the tag detached from the poster transport tube and fell under the sink. Thank God I noticed it. I quickly bent down, took it, reattached it and then I used the toilet.

Soon after, there I was with my cousins who met me at the airport, claimed my baggage, hopped on the vehicle and drove off.

A few minutes later, I realized that the poster transport tube was missing. All of them said that I was not holding anything when they saw me. Oh my my my!!! I quickly said my prayers, loosed angels, pled the Blood of Jesus over it and set my heart to rest TRUSTING THE ONE WHO ALL THE WHILE INTENDED THAT ARTWORK FOR ME. I know that He Who began a good work in me is faithful to finish it. The very moment it was sowed to me, it has been marked with my name in it in the spirit realm and no one can dare snatch it away from me. It happened to me once in the past, and He SURELY will do it again, for I know that when He opens the door, no one can shut! He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

My cousin immediately called the airport.  He asked me:  Which gate?  Which toilet?  Was there a name tag? What does it look like?  Hmmmm …. Isn’t it obvious that the Lord clearly showed me every significant information that was relevant to the “search and rescue” of the artwork? 

Truly He is with us, in us and for us and He knows everything about us.  His Word says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.”  (Psalm 32:8) Him guiding us with His eye is allowing us to see what He sees and put emphasis on them so that we can vividly remember when we are in need of them.

A few minutes later, my cousin got a return call and YES, it was found, safe and secure! Praise be to our Living God Who goes before us, Who is with us, Who never leaves us nor forsakes us, Who never loosens His grip on us and Who never leaves us without support! And thanks, too, to my cousin who quickly had the wisdom to call the right number and spoke to the right people who found and kept it.

On my flight back home, the poster transport tube perfectly fit inside the large suitcase which was never even in my agenda to have it in the first place. I only wanted a medium size one, but God knew it all along. He knew that I would be needing it, thus, He made sure it was in my possession.

The enemy wants to bring chaos into our lives, but he is a defeated foe. No one fights someone who has been judged defeated and defanged by JESUS CHRIST!!! OUR LORD AND SAVIOR KING JESUS OVERCAME THE WORLD and DEPRIVED IT OF ITS POWER TO HARM US AND HAVE CONQUERED IT FOR US. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness in this world whose primary to-do-list is to steal our joy and peace, making His promises of no effect. BUT GOD WHO IS RICH IN MERCY AND ABOUNDING IN LOVE is for us and with us. And GREATER is He Who is IN us than he that is in this world.

Uncertainties may come, but we are to perceive them as agents to make our faith grow, setting our face like flint, never budging but always moving forward for the Lord is the One Who goes before us to straighten our paths and level our ways.

Shall chaos triumph?  NO! NO! NO!  Who can come against the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, Whose Name is above all names and is most worthy of all our praise?

“They will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful.” (Revelation 17:14)

Now, the artwork is home just as I envisioned it to be. Glory to God! See the photo at the onset of this blog. Isn’t it perfectly positioned over my piano where I praise and worship the King of kings and Lord of lords?

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank You for manifesting Your goodness in our lives ALWAYS and allowing us to witness them.  Thank You for Your great love for us that You sent us Your only Begotten and Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Who conquered the world for us that we may have and enjoy life in abundance, to the full, till it overflows.  Thank You, Jesus, for withholding nothing from us.  You gave Yourself to us, conquered sin, death and the grave for us, and justified us by Your resurrection, so chaos shall not triumph over us.  Thank You, Holy Spirit, for abiding in us forever, guiding us, empowering us to be Who we are created to be and do what we have been created to do.  It is not by our might nor by our power, but by Your Spirit alone.  Amen!

“By this I know that YOU delight in me:
    my enemy WILL NOT shout in triumph over me.
But you have upheld me because of my integrity,
    and SET ME IN YOUR PRESENCE FOREVER.”  (Psalm 41:11-12)

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