Fruitful Fruit Hangers


God ALWAYS answers our prayers unless it’s something that violates our purpose in life.  His will for us is a “heaven on earth” life.  What you know heaven has, earth has the capacity to contain it.

When we pray, sometimes He does instant miracles right before our eyes.  These are the ones that He sovereignly orchestrates in response to our prayer.  Other times, He takes us into a process.  HE IS GOD, we are NOT, and HE KNOWS what is best for us.  He has a million and one ways to bring us the answer.  But I tell you, NEVER underestimate when you go through a process because it is a miracle in itself.

If you are to ask for a mango, there could be two possible ways to receive it.  It may be given to you or you may be asked to plant a seed that in due season you will reap a harvest.  When a mango is given directly to you, it’s because it’s FOR YOU.  But when He asks you to plant a seed, it’s because He doesn’t just want to get it FOR you but THROUGH YOU.

To plant a seed goes through a process.  It takes TIME and you need patience and endurance but for the joy that is set before you, an expectation of a bountiful harvest, it keeps you going!   During the process, what do you do?  You water it, fertilize it, maybe spray insecticides to it or whatever the need be until it gets to its fruit bearing season.

One of the things you have to bear in mind is that FRUITS are not borne if the branches aren’t connected to the vine itself.  If its disconnected, separated or cut off they just eventually die.  The sap needs to reach its twigs’ tip where flowers bloom which sooner or later become fruits.   Just like us as what Jesus said, “apart from Me you can do NOTHING but if you remain in Me you will bear MUCH FRUIT.”(John 15:5)   If we abide in Jesus and He in us, we can be UNSTOPPABLE if we choose to.


You CANNOT force a tree to bear fruit.  It flows with the unforced rhythm of a graceful process.  You need TIME.  Somehow, somewhere along the way, there may be sunny days, rainy days or stormy days.  But if the tree is rooted, grounded and well watered, it will endure the seasons.  When it’s time to bear fruit,  then harvest time comes.


The beauty of a fruit bearing tree is that it BEARS FRUIT but it DOESN’T eat its own fruit. Therefore FRUITS ARE MEANT FOR OTHERS.  Hmmmm… just like the Fruit of the Spirit that are developed in our lives while we are in the process on the way to our breakthroughs, they actually are meant for others.  What fruit do they taste and see in our lives when they are with us?  Are they sweet and delicious?  Will it cause their faces to smile or “citrusy”, for lack of a better word?

Always remember that a PROCESS is not a lesser miracle than a sudden!  The things that we learn and experience can well be solid grounds that for me they are miracles themselves.  This is when our tests become our testimonies that the Lord will SURELY use for others to be encouraged from.  So never undervalue what God values for in the process is where our intimate relationship with God is strengthened, being continuously constantly connected to the Vine.  It is where we press in for MORE OF HIM that causes MORE ENCOUNTERS with Him.  Then, we can be fruitful fruit hangers.





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