I Belong To You



  • Mountains High and Valleys Low

This was the song that resonated in my spirit this morning when I’m still not seeing the manifestation of His promise.   Whether ALL IS WELL (on mountains high)  or  ALL IS STILL COMING MY WAY  (valleys low) in the physical … I CHOOSE to sing out loud and remind my very soul TO WHOM I BELONG!  I remind my mind, my will and my emotions that I belong to Daddy God Who never withholds anything GOOD from me.   I keep reminding myself that Daddy God deeply cares all because HE LOVES ME!   He provides!  He heals!  He guides!  He sustains!  He surprises!  He fills me with JOY and PEACE!  AND He Who began a good work in me is FAITHFUL to finish it to an EXPECTED END!

One of the vital emphasis that got me is when we partake of COMMUNION.   For me this is an invitation to His Presence, “COME IN UNION with Me”.  It is when He said “PUT ME in remembrance” that shoots up fire into my bones.  His body bruised and broken and His precious Blood shed all because of LOVE!   We remind ourselves not of our iniquities but of what HE has done with them … WASHED and made them as white as snow.  He took our transgressions as far as the East is from the West and I believe we all know that the East and the West never meet that means we will no longer collide with our iniquities once they’re WASHED!  He made us new creations in Him.  But only REVELATION can bring TRANSFORMATION, a new way of thinking that brings a new way of living.


Keep reminding yourself of WHO YOU ARE IN HIM … “YOU ARE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS!”    Receiving this gift of righteousness empowers us to do the right thing and right thing means IN OBEDIENCE to HIS VOICE!   Then we qualify to partake of all the BLESSINGS ON OBEDIENCE in Deuteronomy 28:1-14.  Check them out … they’re awesome promises!   We don’t qualify by our works BUT we qualify because of the finished work of Jesus Christ.

He bought you therefore you are no longer your own …YOU BELONG TO KING JESUS!


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