A Song Of Worship


Worship is a heart wanting to express the inexpressible love of God in ways you were designed to.  Because I love music, then one of the avenues that I express my intimate reverent moments with God is through songs.  Worship for me is finding a song or composing one that gives expression to the cry of my heart, making my thoughts and feelings known by speech in adoration to the One Who is worthy.

It is in the moment of worship when everything within me is released as a sweet smelling aroma of offering to the nostrils of Daddy God.  It is when an exchange of hearts happen that when I ask, He hears and answers.  And when He reveals Himself to me leading me to simply be with HIM or do something with HIM, I would respond with reverence and yieldedness all because HE IS WORTHY!


 ♫ When I call Your Name 

Assuredly You will answer 

When I cry to You

You whisper in my ear, “Here I am, I’m with you”

And Your light with shine in darkness

You’ll always be my guide

You have quenched the thirst in my heart

With Your everlasting love

I set my eyes on You

I set my hope in You

I set my life in You



“Let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD!”  Psalm 150:6



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