I had one of the funniest lunchtimes in my life!!!

This morning I was praying for a BIG SURPRISE from Daddy God.  Then at lunchtime I got this delivery of two HUGE PACKAGES from DUBAI with my name and address on both but the sender’s name was unknown to me.  I was laughing like crazy and I refused to receive them because they really weren’t mine.  The delivery guy was insisting for me to take them and teased me … “Ma’am, maybe you have a secret admirer from Dubai.”  His statement made it more hilarious because I don’t think an admirer would send me a HUGE LED TV … and two of those?  But anyway, a few minutes later, I came to know FOR WHOM these were and yes, both were delivered to the rightful owner right after although they were really intentionally addressed to me without my knowledge.

People always want to know the details of everything but I choose to keep it that way … in its mysterious state so as not to reduce such powerful encounter into human logic.  I choose to focus my thoughts on this … that I prayed for a BIG SURPRISE in the morning and it came at lunchtime regardless!   I didn’t ask for a TV, I asked for a SURPRISE and yes, it came.  These TVs may not be mine but this only means ONE THING … that God HEARS us when we pray and He ANSWERS SPEEDILY!  Glory to King Jesus!


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