God’s Got You Covered


Jesus forever changed God’s dealing with mankind when He said, “It is finished”, and you believed and received what He has done for you.  It’s a totally new ball game where you and I are DECLARED and SECURED to be on the winning side.  A NEW LIFE is birthed as He sees us NEW CREATIONS in Him washed by the Blood of the Lamb of God!

When Jesus said … “It’s done!” …

Curses became blessings!

Sickness became healing!

Lack became prosperity!

Poverty became riches!

Broken relationships became healed and whole!

Ignorance became knowledge!

Mourning became dancing!

Sorrow became joy!

Confusion became peace!

Darkness became light!

…. and the list goes on and on.

The very moment He captured your heart with His love, He’s got your WHOLE YOU!  Jesus didn’t come to save a part of you.  He paid a COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE, a full and complete inclusivity with payment already remitted 2000 years ago.  A nothing-missing, nothing-broken life is what He came for.  Whether you go through fire, flood, storm, famine … you’ve got a FULL PROTECTION POLICY.  He’s got you covered!

“When you pass through the waters, I WILL BE WITH YOU; And through the rivers, THEY SHALL NOT OVERFLOW YOU.  When you walk through the fire, YOU SHALL NOT BE BURNED, nor SHALL THE FLAME SCORCH YOU.  For I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD, The Holy One of Israel, your SAVIOR …” Isaiah 43:2-3


Do not be afraid!  Take courage for He Who is greater is IN YOU and FOR YOU!  You are precious in His sight honored, favored, and loved.  You are created for His glory … nothing less than that.

Thank You, Jesus.



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