Everyday Is A New Day


Be alert!  Be aware!  Be present!  Watch out for God is doing a NEW THING!

Forget the former things and do not dwell in the past.  Everyday is a NEW DAY with His NEW MERCIES.  No two days are alike.  Never compare for you’ll lose sight of what is to come and deprive yourself of today’s enjoyment.  Don’t look behind because what He has done yesterday will never be the same doings for today!  His plan is to start NEW and FRESH!

The newness of the day comes with your new self, too.  Your NEW self will be busy rejoicing and giving thanks to Daddy God IN everything.  Your NEW self likes every situation it encounters it’s because when your thinking is RENEWED day by day, you see things in a Kingdom’s perspective where God reigns and rules in all aspects of your life.  When He reigns, then blessing rains!  When He reigns, everything else bows down.  Your NEW self counts it ALL JOY!


Today IS the day that the Lord has made and when you know that God made this day, EXPECT IT TO BE GOOD because we have a GOOD, GOOD Father.  Rejoice and be glad in it.  Be present is His presence for today is a “present”from Him.  Open His “gift of today”with expectancy for surprises will be along the way.

If you are in the wilderness, REJOICE for He will make NEW roads for you to pass TODAY!

If you are in the desert, REJOICE for He will make NEW rivers for you to drink TODAY!

If you are hungry, REJOICE for He will cause NEW and FRESH bread to come to you TODAY!

If you are sick, REJOICE for He will lead you to the best doctor in order for you to have the best medicine or He can simply do a NEW miracle for you TODAY!

If you are in lack, REJOICE for it is He Who gives you the power to get wealth.  He will open up NEW doors for provision to manifest for He is the Good Shepherd so you will NOT lack TODAY!

If ALL IS WELL, REJOICE for He will take you higher than you’ve never been before.  He will always make something exciting and NEW TODAY!

Set your eyes on Him!  Put your hands in His hands and He will gently lead you to a NEW and glorious adventure with Him TODAY!


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