Who Told You?


Are your ears inclined to what people say about you or what God says about you?

“Who told you that you were naked?  have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”  Genesis 3:11

We all have the propensity to carry the negative labels that people say about us and the worst thing is that when it’s negative, it’s got a hold in us.  Haven’t you noticed that when people say good things about us it really doesn’t get into us and when we hear JUST ONE negative thing, it cancels all the good ones?  I believe that’s one way of eating from the forbidden fruit that comes from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  It opened our minds to the lies of the accuser of the brethren although he’s already defeated.  BUT his schemes are powerful if we allow his voice to be louder than God’s still small voice that  splinters all the  lies of the enemy like matchsticks.

No wonder why hearing is so important that it is even the last thing that goes off at one’s death bed.  A whisper matters!  A whisper of good words gives life and encouragement!  Words are seeds that when we dwell in them long enough they take root in our hearts that eventually produce fruits.  What kind of seeds would we choose to hold on to?

People sees your outside appearance but God sees your potential.  People can’t see what God sees in you. He knows what you are made of, what you are capable of doing, what seed of greatness He has deposited in you for you to run the race that is set for you alone.  When you know who God called you to be, BE IT!  Don’t let people talk you out of it.  They’re calling you what you are but God is calling you what you can become.

Put off the negative voices that come your way like … you don’t have what it takes to become great!  You are too old or too young for this!  You are too short or too tall for that! You’re not too smart to get to the top!  INSTEAD, PUT ON who God called you to be!  You are VICTORIOUS!  OVERCOMER! GIANT KILLER! MOUNTAIN CLIMBER!  WATER WALKER! FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE by our Divine Creator!  You can do ALL THINGS through Christ Who strengthens you.

Keep hearing and hearing what God says about you in His Word for that’s where faith comes from.  You are anointed!  You are greatly blessed!  You are highly favored!  You are deeply loved!  CHOOSE to incline your ear to HIS VOICE.

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