Find Time


Find time to eat …

Find time to communicate …

The exchange of lives happens when we take time …

Just like eating at Daddy God’s table with a feast He has prepared for us and in Psalm 23:5 MSG, it says “You serve me a six-course dinner …”.   How can we rush in His Presence?  We take time to listen and speak, chew and meditate on the Word spoken, swallow it until it becomes a part of us that results in DOING what we heard and learned.

Dining = Intimacy

There is only one table for two in the secret place.  Find TIME with our Beloved daily.  It is the most precious commodity we have that when one second passes, it will never come back again.  We know who we value most by with whom we spend our precious time with.  That’s worship in its purest form.

Jesus said, “I Am the Bread of Life.”  John 6:35


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