Praise Your Way


Praise your way into your promised land!

Yes, all of us are holding on to a promise spoken into our hearts.  We may be at the onset, halfway through or just a step away from seeing it manifesting before our eyes.  What do we do when a Red Sea is still in front of us and there’s no way of going back?  WE PRAISE OUR WAY INTO OUR PROMISED LAND!


When our praises go up, His glory comes down.  Praise opens us to an intimate encounter with His presence and when we’re locked in into His embrace, worship happens.  When we are consumed with our awareness of Him, everything around us goes dim.  We hear Him speak in most intimate ways that are beyond words.  You and I know.  When we encounter Him, no one needs an explanation.  There will just be a birthing of KNOWING that He is around and is speaking and we are hearing.


The Word of God is likened to water but when He speaks and it becomes a RHEMA or a revelatory word powerfully received in our hearts, it becomes a SOLID ROCK, a firm foundation in us!  The Red Sea which is the impossible situation that we are to cross is water but when Jesus comes in into our situation as THE WAY, His blood then turns water into “Red” … that means He paid every challenge by His Blood and converts it into glorious opportunities.  He MAKES A WAY WHERE THERE SEEMS TO BE NO WAY!   He makes roads, NEW roads in the wilderness and streams, NEW streams in the desert that every impossibility now becomes possible. HOPE ARISES!  Then, we SPEAK those God-spoken words into manifestation.


As His Presence come down when we praise Him, JOY unspeakable fills our hearts.  It brings STRENGTH into our very beings.  Can you imagine you and I praising Him with all that is within us because WE COUNT IT ALL JOY when we go through?  He cannot resist our sacrifice of praise!  Supernatural power flows through that shakes every impossible situation turning it into possible!


“And all the people went up after him, and the people played the flutes and rejoiced with great JOY, so that the earth seemed TO SPLIT WITH THEIR SOUND.”  1Kings 1:40


PRAISE YOUR WAY INTO YOUR PROMISED LAND!  Praise shakes the heavens and the earth!  Praise is POWER all because it brings down HIS PRESENCE!







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