Jesus Values You


You are worth the life of Jesus and nothing less than that!  You are precious, priceless, extremely valuable, inestimable and INVALUABLE!   Hmmmm … I’ve always thought that this word “invaluable” is derogatory but when I checked the dictionary, it means ..”extremely useful or valuable beyond measure!”  wow!

If this is so, then every step of the way that Jesus is leading us, being our Good Shepherd, is necessary to our destiny.  Sometimes we think we know better, that when our lives go in a certain direction contrary to what we expect, we complain.  But, NOTHING JUST HAPPENS!  Everything happens for a reason!  So, instead of murmuring and complaining, why not start praising and worshiping?  It SURELY will open up the windows of heaven and invites God’s presence to sit in our praises and changes the way we think and gently whispers into our hearts bringing PEACE that surpasses all understanding.

NO MORE WASTING TIME to things that don’t matter … and ON to the things that value most and enjoy life to the full by yielding into where He’s taking us.  He knows what is best and He ALWAYS makes us lie down in green pastures and renews our strength.  He leads us and we respond to the inner prompting of His grace.  He zeroes us right in considering the whole population of the world and calls us BY NAME.  That speaks of VALUE!  Imagine you being in a stadium of a 100,000 people and suddenly your most admired celebrity calls you out by your name … how would you respond??? How much more when Jesus calls us BY NAME?  Think on these things.  He knows the intricacy of how we’re created and focuses right on to the very seed of greatness He deposited inside of us.  Why take life for granted?

As we come to know how much we’re valued by Him, the fruit of such is we learn to value our own lives and extends value to those around us.  We only can give what we have received!  Let’s value our lives then the very way Jesus values us.



“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16 


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