God Sees You Beautiful


You and I always see ourselves through our own imperfections.  We see ourselves and others according to our own standards unfortunately making ourselves as the “mark”.

The irony of it is the TRUTH that the ONLY ONE Who sees us perfect is our PERFECT GOD through the Blood of Jesus.  His perfection sees beyond our imperfections and that’s the beauty  of HIS AMAZING GRACE.  We qualify to come boldly before him anytime by the finished work of Jesus Christ.  The robe of righteousness that He clothed us is PURE GIFT that we can never boast of that we did something to have it (Romans 5:17).  We believed and received, YES!

As each day passes, as we see who we are IN HIM according to His Word, it transforms us and our changed heart will eventually change the way we see ourselves and others.  This powerful revelatory word then causes us not to be hard on ourselves to qualify but to take rest on His love that sees us beautiful before His very eyes in spite of.

REJOICE and again I say REJOICE .. for the One Who Created you and I delights in His own wonderful, beautiful and perfect creation … and you will hear Him whisper … “I created you perfectly for a perfect purpose!”  Ultimately, it is God’s view of us that counts.

Thank You, Jesus …

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