We Are Designed To Carry His Glory


We are designed to carry His glory but not to receive Glory!  ALL GLORY belongs to the One Who is worthy of it all … King Jesus!

Signs are not the real thing!  They point to the real thing!  It is something indicating the presence or existence of something or someone significant or an evidence that something greater exists.

When you see a road sign saying “Las Vegas  72”, that means it’s pointing to the distance to be covered to reach Las Vegas.  It isn’t Las Vegas yet.

Signs and wonders in our lives are not meant to draw attention to us.  They actually point to JESUS who made signs and wonders possible to be visible in our lives when we believe Who He says He is and what He has done for us to have glorious life.  The testimonies in our lives are not to show people how good we are but how good our God is.  Be encouraged to share them so when our words are spoken, light pierces through the darkness of someone else’s life giving them HOPE to believe that there is nothing impossible for God to do!  We bring expansion to the kingdom of God when we do.

You are I who are designed to carry His glory not for our own sake.  We are a part of God’s greater plan of filling the earth with His glory as the water covers the sea and one powerful way is when testimonies are birthed when we breakthrough. Breaking through denotes expansion, extension, enlargement, stretching out, increase.  It is an offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line of our trials and tests in warfare.  It is a sudden advancement in our own lives to touch others by lifting up the name of JESUS. And when HE is lifted up, then people will be drawn to Him.  That’s advancement!  That’s increase!  And the increase in the kingdom of God knows NO END!

“Änd when I Am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to Myself.” John 12:32

God can very well cover the earth with His glory all by His power BUT He chose you and I to be a part of this glorious agenda.  Why?  Because He longs to move and have His being with His beloveds.  It all boils down to the love relationship He originally intended us to have … walking, talking, communing with Him in a cool of the day!



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