You Are Valuable!


Jesus came to demonstrate how valuable we are to God’s eyes.  We are too valuable that He GAVE His only Son to save us (restore us, fix us, heal us, provide for us, mend us)!  God is after our WHOLENESS .. with nothing missing and nothing broken in every area of our lives!

We are too valuable that Jesus left the heavenly realms to enter this fallen earth to raise us up IN HIM in glory!

We are too valuable that Jesus left perfection without limitation and entered into this world as a Man with limitation!  He showed us that the limitations of ones flesh can be broken through in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit!

“For He is sent by God.  He speaks God’s words, for God gives Him the Spirit WITHOUT LIMIT.”  John 3:34 NLT

We are too valuable that God knows the number of hairs in our heads!  Who can do that BUT the ONLY One Who is truly mindful of us?

We are too valuable that He NEVER SLEEPS NOR SLUMBERS Who watches over us 24/7!


When we are fully persuaded how deeply valued we are in the eyes of God, only then we can truly add value to those around us.  We become other-centered over self centeredness.  Every little good thing we do to others adds value to how we esteem them.

A time spent with your family, friend or even a stranger can add value to them.

A smile across the room can add value to the one you’re smiling to.

Blessing someone in any form adds value to them.


Let giving be our lifestyle not just because it’s Christmas but let Christmas a reality in our everyday life.  Then, we can say … “for me, to live IS Christ!”  That’s true worship!






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