Come To Me!


Have you ever felt tired, burned out and heavily laden by the cares of this world?  You may be physically tired or emotionally burdened that to go further than one step you think you can’t take it anymore.  Why not just STOP!  Close your eyes for a minute.  Take in, inhale the fresh air of His presence by turning your affection to Jesus and exhale the tiring thoughts that gripped you all these years.  He is more than willing to meet you where you’re at and start from there afresh.  He makes all things new.

Rest isn’t found in stopping everything that you do!  Rest is found when you stop thinking and doing things on your own.  Jesus said, “COME TO ME!”  When you respond to His invitation, sometimes He may take the weight of your baggage off from you right away but a lot of times He will be there to carry it WITH you.  Either way, surely He will not let you down.  He desires to walk with you, talk to you, be with you at ALL TIMES.

Carrying an extra baggage costs!  Try taking a flight and you’ll find that there are weight restrictions involved in it.  The plane can only take as much for it to be able to safely take off, cruise and land.  We are not designed by our Creator to be heavily burdened but we are designed to enter His rest and enjoy an adventurous journey with Him.  It is He Who makes us soar high when the wind of His Spirit blows beneath our wings.  It is He Who leads us as our Good Shepherd to direct our pathways that we may walk and soar in a safe mode.  It is He Who determines our speed … when to run, to release and to rest.

The flying captain always stays connected to the Air Traffic Control.  Why? It is always for the safety and protection of the flight.  To disconnect will open the flight to a danger zone unaware of what’s going on around the aircraft.  Abiding in the shelter of our Daddy God and avoiding disconnection from Him keep us unharmed, uninjured, unhurt, unexposed to the risks and lies of the enemy. It is He Who keeps us guarded, sheltered and secured.  He guides us with His eye away from the snares of the fowlers and from the perilous pestilence.  It is He Who keeps us close to Him even to the point of being IN HIM all because He desires for us is to walk in His plans that is to prosper us and never to harm us, to give us a hope and a good future.

Take time to be in His presence.  Come away with Him in a quiet place and intimately commune with Him.  SURELY you will get revived, refreshed, revitalized, restored, reinvigorated, re-energized and READY to face the world again with your head lifted up knowing that greater is He Who lives inside of you than he that is in the world.

Times of refreshing is found in the presence of Jesus, our King.

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