There Is More!

Just as provision profusely abounded on my termite-infested-house challenge, the Lord revealed Himself in a new, upgraded, advanced and extended way.  Truly His thoughts of us are so numerous and amazing, infinitely beyond comprehension, that when we think we caught Him, He’s got MORE in store us to explore.

No wonder He woos us to seek HIM first in everything we do for He always has more surprises postured in the paths of righteousness where He leads us.  He always has a more than complete banquet that cannot be exhausted ready for us to enjoy.  His supply is infinitely beyond all human thought, an abundance that goes past beyond our extreme extravagance.

In my previous blog, He manifested His full provision for me, not only financially but also the modern way of terminating termites and the people involved.  How awesome is that? But, with Him and His greatness, just as I thought that all I have needed was awesomely met, there is MORE!

When the scheduled time for the agent to come and check my house, he found nothing. No sign of termites moving at all, after I have seen the damages as evidences of their existence. The agent himself was astounded for he found out according to the nature of damage that the kind of termite that invaded my house was known to be tough.

After thoroughly examining every corner of my house, he finally concluded there was no sign of termites’ action. And so I said, PRAISE THE LORD! My declarations for protection and cursing the queen of the termites to be dead have taken effect after all.  I may not know when and how it happened, but all I know now is that it is definitely no longer within my vicinity.

Much to his surprise on how I responded to his findings, the agent looked at me and said, “God knows”.  Before I knew it, he freely shared His thoughts with me that when he was checking every part of my house, he was also praying for the Lord to show him. The very moment he had full conviction that there was none, he stopped and told me, “there is none!”

For almost an hour, we were fellowshipping, sharing the goodness of God in our lives. He mentioned how he longs to talk to people whom He can freely talk about God and his personal encounters with Him.  Then, I came to know that he plays bass guitar and saw his passion for it.  He was raised in a Christian home but when he got married, he seemingly became trapped in a place where he couldn’t freely express his faith.  Obviously  the one he got married to is from a family of different faith.

I simply encouraged him that nothing just happens. Where he is is a platform for God to create around him a sphere of influence and yes, he fully agreed to it. I have seen his heart with passion to evangelize and how anointed he was as he shared his experiences with me.  He mentioned that He is looking for a church where he can have fellowship with other believers, and so I suggested one church that I know is strong in their cell group, which he longs to be a part of.

He was amazed by the leading of the Holy Spirit because he normally doesn’t take assignments on Sundays but when his boss texted him a few days back, he had no hesitation to say yes. Now he realized why 😊.

Sometimes we think our challenge ends when we see full provision for it.  But God Whose goodness is beyond our wildest thoughts couldn’t be grasped.  He made my  house termite-free for FREE!  And not only that, He caused the agent and I to meet.  He has ways and means that are unknown to us yet as we go by His leading, we find ourselves just at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing with the right heart.  He’s got agendas in mind that take us to places, allowing us to meet people whom are diligent seekers of Him and He rewards us by granting our desires.  Indeed, one meeting with a person can lead to another, and to another one, and to another other one. As I have said, He is the utmost Networker of all.  A kingdom of God network, a family of love.

ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD.  He knows each one of us from the foundation of time therefore He knows our every need ahead of time and directs our steps according to His thoughts in which our desires line up with.

“For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”  (Jeremiah 29:11 Amp)

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank you, for always sweeping us off our feet with Your awesome surprises that cause our faith to be rooted deeper and grounded steadier on how good You are.  In truth, You are indeed better than we think Who always exceeds our expectations.  No eye has seen nor ear heard nor mind can conceive what You have prepared for us all because of Your great love for us. Amen!

Photo Credit: Grace Sison

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