The Spoken Word!

“Then said the Lord to me, You have seen well, for I AM ALERT and ACTIVE, watching over My word to perform it.”  (Jeremiah 1:12 AMPC)

Prayer is like breathing fresh air.  It is our communion and communication with the One Who made us the apple of His eye, His treasured possession and the object of His affection.  It is when our minds and hearts are locked in His presence wherever we are, whatever we are doing.  It is when everything else becomes shadows in the light of His presence.  It is our awareness of Him being with us, listening and speaking to us in the most intimate way that surpasses any human mind can comprehend.

Prayer is not just about us asking Him whatever need we have.  Its scope is unlimited.  It also encompasses our thanksgiving, praise and worship.  There is no strict formula to define it for it happens in the depths of our spirits communing with His Spirit. Truly, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY!  We have been given the freedom to come boldly before the throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace in time of need ANYTIME!  IN CHRIST, we have FULL access at any given place and time to fellowship with the One Who is worthy to be with.

Prayer is being and dwelling in the secret place of the Most High God where His secrets are revealed.  This is where He overshadows us with His presence where the fullness of JOY is found that becomes our strength.  It is a place where no evil shall touch us and no plague can come near our dwelling all because He Who is IN US is greater than who is in this world.

Prayer is meditating on His word day and night where our minds get renewed to think no impossibility with God.  It is when our thoughts and ways are invaded by His thoughts and ways that are higher.  It is heaven on earth invasion.

One day, I was praying for someone dear to me who was about to get a job interview.  I was declaring words of wisdom and favor upon her believing that she will be accepted.  When I was done, I headed towards my kitchen.  Lo and behold, I heard His whisper in my heart, “Everywhere her feet would tread upon, I have given it to her.” (Joshua 1:3)  Surprised?  Yes … very much! Then, I stopped and meditated. Truly when He speaks, no doubt can ever come against it and no amount of question can ever rise above it.  You just know, know, know and know!  Then I started to declare those words over her.  The spoken word indeed put my heart to rest that it was a DONE DEAL!

Days passed by and she went into a series of interviews and exams.  There was a time while she was waiting for the result, she went to her hometown to spend time with her family.  While she was there, surprisingly she got a call for the final interview.  Time was of vitality for it takes a few hours for her to get back to the city.  She exerted all her effort to be able to make it.  In the midst of it, I thought … “well, Lord, You have given me Your word and I will rest in You and Your promise.”  She arrived at the interview venue at the perfect time.  Praise the Lord.

The day after, she got a word that YES, she has been accepted for the job.  Thank God!

Of course, many were praying for her.  It’s not that my prayer was the only one heard and answered.  NO!  His word says, “When two or three are gathered in My name, there I Am in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)  But the powerful lesson that I got from this is that, when we hear Him speak, let us not harden our hearts.  When we regard His spoken word to be the final authority into our situation, it gives us the confidence that whatever we ask, we receive.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”  (Mark 11:24)

Our faith arises when we hear Him speak, however and wherever He chooses to.  Mind you, I thought I was done praying, but His sovereignty captured my heart when I headed to my kitchen.  This is when we realize we can never compartmentalize our walk with Him.  No wonder His word says, “pray without ceasing.”

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

For me, this means that we are to be alert, consistently and constantly connected to Him at all times, for He communicates to His beloveds at any given moment.  I am not saying that we have to be in our prayer closets 24/7.  No!  It’s our awareness of Him and His presence that matters most.  We are to be reminded that a branch can never stay alive and thrive if it is cut off from the vine.

When He speaks, SURELY it shall come to pass for He watches over His word to perform it.  Indeed, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from His mouth. (Matthew 4:4)

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank You for allowing me to hear Your still small voice that gave me the surety, guarantee and confidence that what You have spoken You are faithful to fulfill it to a promising finish.  Thank You, Jesus, for being the Word made flesh, that as I received Your word, it made me lie down in green pasture, resting in the authority of Your word that will never come back to You void, but it shall accomplish what You desire.  Holy Spirit, thank You, for revealing to me the things that has been freely given.  Truly You are worthy of it all.  Amen!

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