Be Unique!

Because we are created according go His image and likeness, to know who we are is to know who He is.

God is Love.  Therefore we are created in love and graced to love.  God is faithful.  Therefore as He is so are we.

Beholding Him allows us to be aligned into who He created us to be.  The more we hunger and thirst for Him, dine and feast with Him, the more we become like Him.  But being created according to His image and likeness does not mean that you and I will be alike.  A revelatory thought just dawned on me that when there is NO ONE LIKE OUR GOD, then THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU and definitely there is NO ONE LIKE ME.

Uniquely we are created for a specific purpose and discovering our purpose is part of our journey.  It is He Who thought of us before the foundation of the world, therefore it is only He Who knows us inside-out.  No wonder it is a deep longing of His heart for us to have that “one thing” that will not be taken away from us, and that is to sit at Jesus’ feet just as Mary did (Luke 10:42).  It is during these moments where His secrets are unveiled.  This is where the Holy Spirit will reveal to us the things that He has already freely given us.  As we constantly and consistently soak in His presence in the secret place, we discover His gifts and callings that He deposited in us.

As He opens our eyes to see one step at a time and be overwhelmed by His plans and purposes for us, our confidence arises and comparison dies.  It is when we come to know WHO WE ARE in Him and WHO HE IS to us that firmly establishes the uniqueness of our identity and learn to see others the same way, unique, significant, honored, valued and loved.

We are the body of Christ.  Each of us has a part to play and a destiny to fulfill.

A missionary is His feet to go wherever He leads.

A prophet is His eyes into the future to prepare us.

A teacher equips us to live according to His will.

A pastor feeds and takes care of His flock.

An evangelist sows seeds into the multitude and reaps the harvest of souls.

An apostle goes to plant churches everywhere where we can gather together.

If we do not find ourselves in one of those above, BE OF GOOD CHEER!  If you are a pilot, then you are called to fly the plane and SHINE!  If you are a street cleaner, then that’s where you are assigned to be and SHINE!  If you are a full-time mother, rejoice, for we need anointed mothers to SHINE!  Wherever you are right now, NEVER UNDERMINE yourself.  If that’s where He has called you to be, be joyful and SHINE! Each path is one of a kind. There is nothing like yours and nothing like mine. Indeed, in our uniqueness is a powerful privilege and opportunity to shine for Jesus!  In Christ we carry the LIGHT of Jesus, the HOPE of glory Who is Jesus, the JOY of the Lord, the PEACE of God and His amazing LOVE.  We live in a relational world and somewhere along the way we will always meet people who are desperate for God’s touch, and it is channeled though you and me.

I love rainbows!  Hmmm … who does not?  The glory of God in the throne of heaven is like a rainbow. We can only identify a rainbow with the 7 colors side by side together. ROYGBIV!  It is so perfectly created that no one can even interchange the position of the colors.  Have you noticed or even thought of that?  How His Word is so powerful that until now He sustained it just as the very way He created it.

When we discover who we are and we all walk together in unity with the uniqueness of who God created each one of us to be, how lovely it would be. If one of us is RED and is confident and secure for who he is, then he stays in his right position doing the right thing with the right heart.

If another is ORANGE and is confident and secure for who he is, then he stays in his right position, doing the right thing with the right heart.

And so on with the rest of the colors!

When He sees us shining brightly the very way He uniquely created us to be, walking in love, standing in faith, empowered with His grace, wise, confident and secure, fully filled with Himself … working together with the rest of the body of Christ, this is a picture of His glory, the rainbow glory!  Those colors never compete but always complement.

I love what Kris Vallotton said.  “Some people think they don’t belong because they don’t look like someone else.  But the truth is, we need each member of the body of Christ to be themselves.  Romans 12:4 says that we are individually members one of another.  Be encouraged today and know that you belong and you have a purpose that only you can fulfill.”

Our unifying factor lies in the presence of our triune God. It is the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Apart from Him, we are nothing and can do nothing that will give Him glory, honor and praise.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank You for celebrating me the very way You created me to be.  Thank You, Jesus, for paying the matchless price that I may be able to come in union with You and discover how valued, honored, significant and loved I am.  Thank You, Holy Spirit for revealing to me my true identity that empowers me to see others the way You see them.  Amen!

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