Unearned Favor

Have you ever experienced the Lord’s goodness in spite of your mindlessness of Him?  Oh I have, lots of times, and I had one that was just very recent πŸ™‚

Sometimes we get so caught up with our situation that causes us to fear, not knowing that we have already put limitations around us for God to breathe into our circumstances.  Yet He demonstrate His goodness anyway.  It is ALL because He is a good, good Father.

We may raise this question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”, and I have written what I personally thought of this on my previous blog, Restoration Beyond Comprehension.

Yet such was just what I saw.  There may be a million and one more revelations as answers to the above mentioned question because there are many more insights to it according to how Holy Spirit reveals to each one of us.  To each his own, in which we can definitely learn from.  Truly there is unity in diversity and our unifying factor is the finished work of Jesus Christ through Whom the love of the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit are expressed.

How about seeing the goodness of God when we fall short of His glory and absolutely know, way beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we DID NOT EARN it nor DESERVE it?  This is what I call “the UNEARNED FAVOR OF GOD!”  It is the GRACE of God!

Someone who is working with us had a due project to do.  He knew it beforehand that the due date was yesterday yet he waited until yesterday late afternoon to do it.  I was very concerned because it entailed three websites to get through in which they are known to be so slow in their functions, an approval from the our President prior to getting online, plus the thought of being penalized with a surmountable amount if we fail to do it.

Talk about being anxious … oh yes, I was, being the administrator.  More than once I told the person concerned why he waited for the last minute to come before doing it, but after that I stopped for there was no longer any room for reproach.  We just needed to do it and do it within the given timeframe.

While he was still doing all the necessary things to do, my heart was not at peace at all, let alone joyful.  I murmured under my breath … Why? Why? Why only now?

Finally after a few hours of waiting, already beyond office hours, he was finished.  He got through one of the websites after a number of tries.  This time I reminded him once again not to do it this way and he apologized.  Now, it was my turn to get the approval and into the two remaining websites.

Lo and behold, the approval from our President who was abroad came swiftly.  The two websites known to be so slow functioned perfectly and speedily. PRAISE THE LORD!  And so the project was finished on time.

When I came home, I recalled what just happened and my heart was oozing with praise for having accomplished what needed to be done on time in spite of my sour attitude.  Everything that I did went through effortlessly and swiftly.  Only then I realized that that was the unearned favor of God.  He remained faithful even though I was not.

“Even if we are faithless, He will still be FULL OF FAITH, for He NEVER wavers in His faithfulness to us!” (2 Timothy 2:13 TPT)

There were a few things that He made me see.

It was unnecessary for me to murmur under my breath.  He reminded me this one thing, “When you are focused in your circumstances, fear grips your heart.  When it does, you get short-sighted.  Then, you put a wall around you that hinders the breath of God to breathe into your situation.”

It was necessary for me to repent and change the way I think about the person. And that I was to receive his apology with an open heart and speak a blessing upon him for finishing it on time.

He said, “Be reminded that My grace is always more than enough for you, and My power finds its FULL EXPRESSION through your weakness.”  (2 Corinthians 12:9 TPT)

He said, “When situations pressure you, LOOK UP and see what I CAN DO!  Be in faith and speak faith-filled words.  Tap into the greatness of Who I am and what I can do, for ALL things are possible for Me instead of being mindful of not getting through anything!

He said, “I SEE you righteous with the moral grandeurs and excellencies of Jesus Who made you worthy to receive My goodness.  I love you just as I love Him.”

By then, my heart was full of thanksgiving and praise to the One Who is WORTHY of it all, JESUS!

We all are a work in progress!  Everyday we learn things as the Holy Spirit reveals to us what needs to be perceived and corrected and He does it IN LOVE. We live in a world of sight and sound, but His Kingdom is accessed by faith where our awareness of His presence is to steadfastly pursued in every circumstance we are in. His ways and thoughts are higher and they are never to condemn us but to protect and empower us.  There will be instructions along the way or if not He will unveil it to us once He finds us with an open time slot and an open heart in prayer for Him to speak.  He prunes us to be more fruitful. Indeed He disciplines those He loves.

“For the Father’s discipline comes only from HIS PASSIONATE LOVE and PLEASURE for you.”  (Proverbs 3:12 TPT)





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