YES, no one comes to the Father except through JESUS CHRIST!  Do you know why? Because our God is a HOLY God and no one can stay alive in His HOLY Presence except those who have been made HOLY!

“Be holy for I AM holy!”  1 Peter 1:16


The qualification for one to be HOLY is NOT in what you do or not do.  It is when you believe in your heart that the Blood of Jesus Christ WASHED you clean, making you a NEW CREATION in HIM, presenting you RIGHTEOUS, BLAMELESS, SPOTLESS and PURE before the very presence of God.  It is when you become the dwelling place of the HOLY SPIRIT all because you HAVE BEEN MADE HOLY by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD and it is He IN you Who will empower you to live a HOLY LIFE.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases to see you RIGHTEOUS and HOLY and He made it so because He desires to ABIDE IN YOU FOREVER.  TO ABIDE means to stay, to live, to remain, to continue, to dwell, to hang around, to stick around, to tabernacle … Hmmmm … He just wants to walk with you, commune with you all day and all night.

Come to think of it, if our righteousness is based on our works, then every time we do wrong, He goes out of us and when we repent, He comes in again!  That is NOT what His plan is.  That is NOT what intimacy means!  He eagerly, passionately longs to make us His HOME and this home HE MADE IT HOLY for HIM TO LIVE COMFORTABLY!  He doesn’t want a visitation; He desires a habitation of His presence inside you and me.

“If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and MAKE OUR HOME WITH HIM.”  John 14:23

Loving Him is our response to Him loving us first.  Keeping His Word is an expression of our love for Him.  We all know and have experienced it in our lives that when we love someone, oh wow .. we will do anything to express what we feel, right?  How much more when we come to know His Love that’s beyond measure?

Christianity is all about our relationship with God that directly affects how we see ourselves IN HIM and loving others the way we love ourselves.  It’s not a “what about me?” concept.  Love is always others-centered.  Christianity is living from the inside-out!  Who you are on the inside must be equated to what people see on the outside and DEPENDENCY on Him, CONNECTEDNESS with Him, LIVING in Him are the keys!  It is NOT by might nor by power but BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD!


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