Get Connected!


Sustainability is found in connectivity to the Vine.  Abiding is the secret to walk and not faint, to run and not be weary.

Plug yourself in to the Source of all strength.

Dwell in His presence and power in the secret place.

Dig deep and draw from the well of living water.

Daily calibrate your direction through moment by moment resting in His presence.

Partake of the daily bread that is the word of truth revealed to you by the Holy Spirit.

Live a life of prayer, a two-way communication with our Daddy God where He speaks and we listen and we speak and He listens.

Seek Him first.  Hunger and thirst for more of Him and yes, you SURELY will be filled.

Give out of the filling and flooding of His divine presence in your life that refreshes and energizes you all the time and you’ll find fruitfulness in every area of your life.


Our passion, focus and strength comes from being constantly and consistently filled by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.


Thank You, Jesus.  You are the Vine Who is our everlasting life.

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