Be Filled!



Yes, be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding!  Hmmmm … what then is the will of God that we are to be filled with?

The greatness and vastness of God cannot just be contained in one will.  You and I will find so many great promises in His word which are in the same way His will for you and me.  There may be ONE or some which are custom-made for each one of us because He deals with us so personally and uniquely according to His purpose that is ordained for one to fulfill.

This may be one that I found in His word that became my treasure.

“REJOICE ALWAYS, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING, IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS; for this is THE WILL OF GOD in Christ Jesus for you.”  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

To rejoice always is His will for us.  Rejoicing’s platform is the JOY of the Lord that is our strength.   It is next to impossibility to rejoice ALWAYS in and of our own ability BUT when we come to the knowledge of Who God is and His lavish love, mercy, grace and truth, it is possible.  God will never ask us to do something that He hasn’t given us the ability to fulfill it IN and WITH Him.  There is truly nothing impossible with God and all things are possible to those who believe.

To pray without ceasing is His will for us.  Connectedness is one of His utmost desires.  Why did He promise to never leave us nor forsake us?  It is because He wants to be a part of our every moment activity.  He longs for us to be aware of His presence every step of the way and acknowledge Him in all of our ways.  In intimacy is where He can direct us, instruct us and guide us with His eye.  I’m not saying that you have to always pray the way your pray in your prayer closet.  NO!  It is when our thoughts are filled with Him as we go and do our daily deeds.

To give thanks IN everything is His will for us.  All things work together for our good.  No matter where we are at this very moment, thanksgiving, praise and worship not only shifts our focus from our problems and into God’s presence, but it also shifts the atmosphere of where we are in.  Every word of thanksgiving puts weight into His goodness that blurs our eyes from the weight of our burden.  We do not thank Him FOR everything but IN everything.  We do not thank Him FOR sickness because in the first place He isn’t the author of it.  He cannot give what He doesn’t have.  If we believe that He is Healer and He is Healing, how then can we thank Him FOR it.  Instead, we can thank God IN the midst of sickness because HE IS HEALER AND HEALING.   We can have a confident expectation that we will see the manifestation of Who He is as the God Who heals.  In Him there is HOPE of healing!  In Him there is FREEDOM from sickness!  Whom the Son sets free is FREE INDEED!

Everyday as we live to seek Him and Him revealing Himself to us is a major part of His will for us.  It is in the knowledge of Him that we come to trust Him.  It is in the revelation of His word that we come to know His will.  Meditating in His word day and night will posture us to be filled with His will all the days of our lives.

Why not start here and now?  It is in knowing HIM that we get filled with His will.  His will will always conform and will never go contradictory to WHO HE IS.


“To recognize those who labor among us and are over us and esteem them very highly IN LOVE for their work’s sake, to be at peace among ourselves, to comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak and be patient with all, to always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all” (1 Thessalonians 5:12-15) are God’s will for us.  And these are only made possible NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER BUT BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD!

“[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.”                  Philippians 2:13 AMPC






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