You have an enormous craft deposited inside of you.  It is the seed of greatness taken after our Great, Great God.  You can believe it or not.  You can use it or not.  It is your choice.  But when you come to know the beauty that lies within you, to waste what you have will never be an option.

As we journey in life, we will be given chances, opportunities and open doors in which we can develop, hone and be efficiently trained in our giftings where we will discover our originality.  In music, there are numerous musicians in the earth, but until you will discover that distinct musicality that is birthed from deep within you, you will somehow do just as any other musicians do.  But God created you differently in a very special way. Just like Him, there is NO ONE like Him, therefore as His sons and daughters, there is no one exactly the same as you and I, that not even identical twins are.

God created us to be creative.  He is the ultimate Creator and we have His DNA in us. Our quest is to discover this uniqueness in creativity in us.  Copies are worthless but to be God’s masterpiece is priceless. We are His masterpiece, His own master work, a work of art, created in Christ Jesus, reborn from above, spiritually transformed, renewed and ready to be used. (Ephesians 2:10 Amp)

What is it that we have that no one else has?  We inquire of Him and He surely will show us great and mighty things that we don’t know.  When we discover the gift in us, our next question is where will we be positioned to use this notable and remarkable gift? Come to think of it, we are the body of Christ.  A body is composed of many parts.  One must be the hand that has its own specific purpose.  Another must be the ear, the other must be the eyes … and so on and so forth. Just like the different parts of the body, no one can function the very same way we have been created to do because of our peculiarity.  If there are 7.5 billion people today, then there must be 7.5 billion gifts distributed distinctively.

I believe the best way to know the gift in us is to get intimately connected with the Holy Spirit Who knows all things and everything about us. We may think we know it but only He knows the full extent of our beings. It is He Who reveals to us Who we are.    It is He Who delivers the message what our Heavenly Father is speaking about us.  It is He Who makes known to us God’s thoughts about us.  As we yield to His lordship in our lives, we find FREEDOM!  It is the freedom to be ourselves, who He created us to be wrapped in His presence.

 “For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—Who is the Spirit—MAKES US MORE AND MORE LIKE HIM as we are changed into His glorious image.”   2 Corinthians 3:17-18 NLT

How many of us can relate that at some point in our lives we aspire to be like someone we admire most?  I believe it’s just a norm.  But when our minds are renewed and our hearts are changed, our aspirations are redefined to be like Christ as we increasing come to the knowledge of Who He is, that He is altogether lovely, altogether worthy and altogether wonderful before our very eyes.  Our focus and desires shift into seeking, longing, and eagerly pursuing to know Him more because when we discover more of Who He is, it uncovers and lifts the veils from our eyes of who we are.  Remember that we are created according to His image and likeness and His ultimate desire is for you and I to be like Him.

We long to be noticed.  We long to be noticed and be loved.  We long to be noticed and be loved JUST AS WE ARE.  We long to be accepted as AS WE ARE.  Why do a lot of people fight for human rights?  Bottom line is that they just want to be accepted as they are without being judged.

I had a conversation with a friend and it was centered on how we silence the noise and the busyness around us the very moment we open our eyes in the morning.  She has a different way of doing it.  When she wakes up, she reads her daily devotional and then puts on some “chant” music.  She said, this is when she asks for the revelation to understand what she just read and how it would be applied into her life.  When I listened to her story, though it may come in conflict to what I know and believe about “chant” music, my heart got enlarged and my mind widened to understand that she’s just created differently.  God’s way of dealing with each one of us varies.  I couldn’t be the judge nor the standard of how things are to be done claiming that “my way is the right way”.  JESUS IS THE WAY and we are to keep this in mind at all times.   The Lord is obviously revealing Himself to her from where she is and without a shadow of a doubt, He’ll take her from glory to glory until one day she’ll no longer need such music to keep her still. The presence and power of the Holy Spirit will be more than enough to silence the noise around her.  One day, the Prince of Peace, Jesus, will sit on the throne of her heart and say “PEACE! Be still” and it shall be.

The secret of being rest assured that we are unique is to KNOW in our hearts that we have been fearfully and wonderfully thought of eons before He created us until time came for us to be made manifest in the earth.  And the best part of being created OUT OF LOVE is that He made us beautifully special inside out.

Until we confidently believe this truth, we will always be walking around comparing ourselves with someone else, trying to convince others that we are better than the rest. THINK WITH ME ON THIS.  In actuality, we really are not competing to prove to others that we are preferable.  We are just not fully persuaded how deeply loved we are, how openly accepted we are in the Beloved and how welcomed we are with His arms wide open, uniquely gifted and utterly special just the very way we are.

When we believe this truth, I challenge you, comparison and competition will cease.  To appreciate others and their uniqueness will be inevitable. To help others excel in their gifts will be effortless.  Our perception and opinion towards others will be coming from the knowledge that the people around us are just like you and I, created special and exceptional in the eyes of God.  We see them through the eyes of His love.

With this in mind, we wouldn’t want to be like or even better than anybody else again. An attitude of gratitude will certainly rise up in who God created us to be, partakers of His divine nature, that as He is, so are we.  There is no one like Him therefore there is no one like each one of us.

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.”  Psalm 139:14 NKJV

Dare to be different,  Dare to be uniquely you and don’t throw away your confidence for it shall be richly rewarded.


Photo Credit:  Binky Tolegida





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