Driven vs Led


For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God (Romans 8:14 NKJV).

What does it mean to be LED?  One simple description of being led is that there is Someone before us LEADING and we follow.  To be led in this age and time is like having a GPS that directs us and our part is to listen and obey with ease trusting the GPS’s voice to take us to our set destination.

The Lord is not into driving our lives for He has given us our free will to choose which way to go, but the GOOD NEWS is, He has given us Holy Spirit, the present day Godhead Who is resident in our hearts, to guide us into all truth and silence the voice of deception around us.  His continual presence transforms us in ways and means that only He can do all because only He knows us inside out.  The light of His love illuminates within us exposing everything unnecessary at a given time that doesn’t bring Him pleasure and transforms us to be Who He created us to be when we open every part of us to Him and allow His love to seep into the inner recesses of our being.

Nowadays, we are to be on a look out and not be ignorant of the enemy’s schemes.  His muted and subtle devices are rampant but thank God, we have a loving Daddy God Who is Omniscient, the all-knowing, all-wise, all-seeing God Who cares and deeply loves us.  It is He Who exposes everything when His light in us collides with darkness around us because darkness IS NOT dark to Him.  Darkness never threatens nor intimidates Him. The night is as bright as the day for darkness is as light with Him (Psalm 139:12).

One of the enemy’s deceiving tactics is when we are DRIVEN by the expectations of others.   Sometimes we don’t recognize it especially when we know it in our heads that whatever we do, we do it ALL for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31).  Sometimes we really seem convinced that we are doing everything to glorify Him most especially when we’re commended by others for what we are doing and exalt His name with our lips, not knowing that it is far from our hearts unless laid bare by His gentle light.

I was praying one day and pressed on to ask the Lord to be the LORD of my life.   That means I asked Him to have the liberty to call the shots.  I asked Him to lead, guide, instruct, direct and shepherd me every step of the way.  A lot of times, when we ask Him, we have certain thoughts in our minds and expect Him to move according to what we’ve been thinking only to be caught unaware that when He answers He points out things in our lives which are far from our expectations.

I have been working for about 10 years in this company and yes, I have been commended and appreciated well, thank God.  But somehow, these past two weeks, my mind hasn’t been functioning as expected.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong. My memory was at its worst that when I was asked about something, I had a wrong answer.  There was such a cloud of heaviness upon me that caused me to do everything contrary to what was expected.  When I noticed that something was seriously wrong, the lies of the accuser of the brethren started to bombard my thoughts with negativity.  All by the grace of God, I was still so thankful that my heart was so at peace though my mind was so noisy.  It was bizarre and beyond comprehension.

I inquired of the Lord what was happening.  I continued to declare that I have the mind of Christ and yet nothing was changing.  It felt like there was such a thick veil that was upon my head flowing down to my eyes to such an extent that even my physical sight was affected.  I couldn’t seem to find my way out.

Then, I woke up one morning and He LED me to text my boss to apologize for every wrong thing I’ve done.  I may not understand where He was taking me but I obeyed and when I did it, my boss responded very well that somehow freed me from oppression.  I went to work that day and when I saw my boss, she was wondering what made me do it. I simply replied that sometimes we need a “noise reduction” process to silence the buzzing sound of our minds.

In all authenticity, honesty and humility only will we allow the Holy Spirit to correct, direct, instruct and grace us to live a life that is increasingly improving as we all are a work in progress. Exposing our weaknesses to ask for forgiveness is a way out from the whispers of the accuser of the brethren that goes around like a roaring lion gumming us unless these things are dealt with head on.  Instead of putting things under a carpet, we deal with them face to face otherwise we will be tossed around, here and there, depriving us of the peace and joy that God has set before us for the day.

At the end of the day, there was another task that I was again asked to do and when I replied, jokingly my boss said … “I don’t trust you anymore!”   Do you know that when those words reached my ears, the heaviness of oppression immediately dissipated, my mind was silenced, my eyesight became normal and my heart was absolutely FREED.  It was an awesomely bizarre moment that was beyond comprehension.  In this world, to be told that we cannot be trusted, we get condemned.  But the irony of what happened to me brought an incomprehensible FREEDOM.

I believe that as we go deeper in our walk with God in the presence and power of Holy Spirit, He will lead us to a place where we can no longer boast in our own abilities but rather in our weakness.  It is not for us to be weak and stay weak, but He postures us to a place where we can boldly say, “For when I’m weak, then I am strong all because His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect for my weakness.”  Every time we come to the end of ourselves, His powerful divine strength takes over.  This is when we become “child-like”, NOT childish!  We become needy of Him every step of the way.

“Therefore, I will all the more GLADLY glory in my weaknesses and infirmities, that the STRENGTH AND POWER OF CHRIST (the Messiah) MAY REST (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) UPON ME.”  (2 Corinthians 12:9 AMPC)

When I drove home that night, I asked the Lord what that was all about.  He simply impressed in my heart that I was DRIVEN by my boss’ expectations for quite sometime that somehow caused pressure to me and that HE WAS ABOUT TO CHANGE THAT!  I never knew I was functioning in a “drive” mode though I always give glory to God when things were done rightly.  BUT GOD Who is rich in mercy and abounding in love answered my prayer that very day that I desired TO BE LED by His Spirit that will cause me to rest as I put my trust in His leading.

Truly He searched me and He knew my heart.  He tested my thoughts and pointed out anything He found in me that made Him sad, and led me along the path of everlasting life (Psalm 139:33 TLB).

When we are DRIVEN by other people’s expectations, we can never be LED by the Spirit of God.  When we are driven by our own desires, we hit and miss that can drain our energy and resources and cost us our precious time.  But when we are led by His Spirit, He positions us to only fight the battles that He already won for us.  No time is wasted! No energy is drained!  No resources are expended.

TO BE LED is to be guided by Someone on a way going in advance where the Leader is to be FIRST in everything.   TO BE LED is to be directed on a course or in a direction.  It is like to be guided by a dance partner through the steps of a dance.  I love to watch a couple waltzing with every step thoughtfully regarded in rhythm in order not to step on each other’s foot avoiding colliding but sliding, gliding and flowing together in harmony, led by a man and followed by and flowed with a woman.

In our lives, He leads, we follow and we flow!  We only have One Master, One Lord, One King JESUS and His word is our absolute, final and ultimate authority.   What’s really vital in our lives is staying close to Him, connected to Him, traveling together in a highway to a radiant detination with our eyes focused and set on Him causing everything else around us less significant.  It is being in the secret place where His secrets are revealed and His ways unveiled. He is our Master Who ONLY desires what is BEST for us.  He not only directs our steps but He graces us to achieve our divine destinies.

Let us quit trying to figure out what to do and when to do it on our own.  He is the Way, the only Way and He laid the path for us to take.  Let us quiet ourselves to be in His presence where our cluttered thoughts and ways are put in order as we submit to Him. In His Lordship, He will show us what to do now and next.  He will direct our steps and as we follow His lead we are set free to enjoy what He has already prepared for us, a path smoothed, straightened and paved. He gave us His word to light our path and be the lamp upon our feet (Psalm 119:105).

Let this be our prayer for today:

Make me to know Your ways, O Lordteach me Your paths.
Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation;
for You I wait all the day long. (Psalm 25:4-5)


None who wait upon the Lord shall be put to shame.  He will always show up as we call upon His name.  He is that committed.  We put our trust in Him for it is His utmost delight when we lean on, rely on and adhere to Him for support and guidance.  After all JESUS is our Shepherd Who leads and guides us to a place of rich fulfillment.

Do not be driven by the expectations of others but be led by the Spirit of God. 

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