So Loved


God SO LOVED you and me that He sent Jesus that we may have and enjoy life.
I just read a post that brought a fresh revelation to me today. “Jesus fasted heaven for 33 1/2 years to get to us so that He could dwell in and rest upon His people through daily communion and unbroken, unhindered fellowship for eternity.  The price that heaven paid for us determines our value.” (Georgian Banov)

No thing and no one can ever add value to you and I beyond what Jesus has paid for.  He sees us of great worth more than we can think, dare, dream or imagine.  He left heaven, stooped so low, whipped, bruised, broken, suffered until He was beyond recognition, crucified though without sin, paid a steep price  FOR US to demonstrate what it means to be valuable to Him.  Once paid IN FULL we are no longer our own.  He made us His own that nothing and no one can no longer come between us and our union with Him.  He clearly said that there is NOTHING that can separate us from His love (Roman 8:38-39).

He may have fasted heaven from above for 33 1/2 years but at the same time He Himself IS heaven and brought heaven on earth so that you and I can have a “forever” heavenly fellowship with Him on earth.  God SO LOVED us that Him knowing that we can’t reach heaven without Him, He made it possible for us to practically and personally experience heaven on earth by bringing Himself down to live in us.  That’s how much He desires to be one with us, in union with us.

Only our communion with Him will ALL things be made possible!

Only our communion with Him will ALL desirable according to His will be made achievable.

Only our communion with Him will ALL fruitfulness flows, us as branches that are consistently and constantly connected to the Vine.

Only our communion with Him will we diffuse His fragrance as reeds that are continually soaked in the oil of His love.

Only our communion with Him will our hearts be melted in yieldedness to His set path designed for us, a path of righteousness where He makes everything right in our lives.

Only our communion with Him will make our lives be the salt and light of the earth, making a difference to those around us, contributing to His ultimate desire of making the earth filled with His glory as the waters covers the sea.


YES, each and every one of us has a role to play and ONLY in our communion with Him will this be unveiled and discovered as our hearts beat in the unforced rhythm of His grace. Only our communion with Him will set us ablaze to carry this mantle put upon us giving us the capacity to love others just as He has SO LOVED US.

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