When We Say YES To God


No one knows what our day will be like the very moment we open our eyes but thank God that HE is an Omniscient God Who knows all things.  “He knows when we sit and when we arise; He perceives our thoughts from afar.” (Psalm 139:2)  Yes, we start with this declaration, “This IS the day that the Lord has made.  We will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24 NKJV)  Yes, we believe that if HE made the day, then it must be GOOD!  Nothing comes out of HIM that HE IS NOT and because our God is GOOD, then only GOOD things come out of HIM.  Our knowledge of His goodness causes us to have a confident and joyful expectation for our day to be good.

I love how the Message translation says it, “This is the very day God acted— let’s celebrate and be festive!

Yes, it is vital for us to start our day with the right mindset.  As surely as the sun rises, fresh and new mercies of God are already made available for the new day. (Lamentations 3:22-23)   Yes, we declare His steadfast love morning by morning that our hearts get calibrated into the beating of His.  Yes, we bask in His presence where the fullness of joy is found that gives us new strength to carry us through the day.  Yes, He gives us fresh bread and new wine through His revealed word by Holy Spirit.  Then, we are all set to face the new day.

I woke up one Friday morning and went into my devotional time with the Lord.  I asked Holy Spirit to help me recognize His leading all throughout the day and be intentional about being abandoned as He leads.  I had no other plans on that particular day except for my regular routine of going to work.

That same morning I got a call from my best friend inviting me to her husband’s birthday dinner.  Considering that it was a Friday night, aware that traffic is at its worst on Fridays, plus the venue was way far from my workplace, I chose to listen to my heart instead that was filled with joy and peace, and yes, I accepted the invitation.

I conditioned myself to brave the traffic.  I advised my best friend that I may arrive late but surely I will be there.  My office mate wished me luck upon leaving my workplace, but somehow my heart was just so at peace.  I wasn’t bothered at all by the distance let alone the bumper to bumper traffic.  Truly the Lord infused unshakable joy in my heart to be my strength.

Lo and behold, as I was driving, there was NO traffic at all that I arrived at the venue way before everyone else was there.  The caterer was still setting up the place.  My best friend was so surprised how fast I was.  I was grateful to be graced by our Daddy God Who paved the way for me.  It was as if He parted all the red tail lights of the cars before me, set them aside for me to pass gracefully.

Up to that point, I still had no inkling what was before me until everything was set, the guests arrived and here came my best friend who suddenly spoke before everyone that we would start the party with a thanksgiving prayer.  She looked at me and asked me to have the honor of praying.  Yes, I was very surprised and was hesitant at first because they are of another faith but something in me arose and I instantly saw it as a privilege to pray.  And so I did.

You may think and say .. BIG DEAL!  Just a prayer!  But for me, it was a divine appointment, a divine honor and privilege to be asked in the midst of those who don’t fully believe what I believe.  It may be a small opportunity for the Light in me to shine but SURELY when it does it illumines in such a way that no one can measure.  The sparkle of a little star makes a difference no matter how small and far it is against the evening sky.

Never despise the little things that He leads us to do for even a smile can deeply touch a heart of a person that longs to be acknowledged, noticed and recognized.  No one knows the extent of impact of the little things that we do for it is God in us Who is great and is able to make a tiny spark brighten up someone’s life not just once at that very moment but is made possible for a lifetime.

One touch of God’s love diffused through our little lives matters most to those who are hungry for love.  And when we say YES to Him every time He leads us, He brings us to places where hearts are open to receive without us knowing who they are.

When there is a strong prompting in your heart, just say “YES, Lord!” You just got invited to get into the wonderful adventures that He has set before you for the day.

“But thank God! He has made us his captives and continues to lead us along in Christ’s triumphal procession. Now he uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume.”  (2 Corinthians 2:14 NLT)

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