The Apple of His Eye


The Lord our God orchestrates wonderful adventures for us every single day.  He longs to go through the day fellowshipping with us.  He waits to be invited into our daily routine, into our plans and into all the in-betweens.  He desires us to be aware of Him every step of the way.  Can you imagine He never sleeps nor slumbers and watches over you and me 24/7?  We are the apple of His eye that whoever touches us touches the very core and center of His eye. (Zechariah 2:8)  Hmmmm … try poking someone’s eye and you will find out how sensitive and delicate it is.  Then you’ll know that’s how precious we are to Him that whoever hurts us hurts His eye more that you and I could ever dare think or imagine.  He sees us of great worth and His mind is full of us.

Yes, this is who we are in Him, precious possessions paid by the Blood of His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, just so we can be His forevermore … just so no one can ever separate us from Him and His love for us, whom He cherishes above all.

I used to think that being the apple of the eye of the one who loves you simply means that his eyes and thoughts are just for you.  I never thought that the Word of God carries the significant meaning and origin of this phrase.  It is much more than just thoughts.  What matters to you matters most to Him in every way.  What hurts you, hurts Him. What delights you, delights Him.  What a powerful revelation indeed this is and once revealed, He invites us to explore.

Once we experience what this means and how much you and I mean to Him, He deploys us to make this revelation realized in other people’s lives.  When we see His hand of favor in our lives, it becomes a platform for us to extend His favor to others.  We are BLESSED to be a BLESSING, FAVORED to show FAVOR, LOVED to pour LOVE on others.  We are not the final destination of His goodness.  Instead, we are the distribution center of His grace, mercy and truth, co-laboring with Him to make this world not just a better place to live in but a place with a “heaven on earth” atmosphere, making Him known as a Father Who lavishes His children with His great love.

I was on a road trip with two of my dear friends.  Our first stop was in a gas station where both of them wanted to buy something from the convenient store.  I was off to use the toilet and much to my surprise, the toilet looked like that of a hotel’s, sparkling clean and smelling fresh.  Then, I saw the cleaning lady in and out of there doing her usual chore.

I felt a strong prompting in my heart to bless her and appreciate what she is doing.  I called her to give her something and as I handed it to her, how her eyes lit up with joy.  I asked her name to address her personally and asked her, too, if I could pray for her.  She said YES!  Though there was another woman who came in to use the toilet, it didn’t stop me from declaring and decreeing a blessing upon the cleaning lady.  When it was over, I gave her a hug and left.  As I was on my way out, she whispered, “I hope you’ll come by again.”  That just melted my heart.

A little gesture may mean nothing to us but could mean everything to someone else.  Our identity being the apple of God’s eye cannot just be contained to ourselves.  The JOY in us that is brought about by this powerful revelation surely will overflow through us, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and recognition to those who see themselves unnoticed, unrecognized and unaccepted.  Once they taste and see how good our God is, then it will cause them to do the same to those around them.  And we all shall give glory to the One to Whom glory is due.

Our God is the greatest author and networker of all and His greatest desire is to cover the earth with His goodness through you and me.  If it is in your heart to sign up for it, it all starts with inviting and receiving the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, to be your Lord and Savior.  He is The Way, The Truth and The Life.  and your life will never be the same again.





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