Appreciate & Speak Life


Do you know that when we show appreciation to someone we are adding value to that person?  That’s what salt does.  It makes the food tastier.  Thus, we are called to be the salt and light of the earth.  This gesture isn’t only true to the person we’ve done it to, but it also affects who we are.  Always remember that what we sow, we also reap and mind you, in a greater measure.

“Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior.  Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them.  Add up God’s law and Prophets and this is what you get.”  (Matthew 7:12 MSG)

I believe the same is true when we acknowledge the one true God Who created us, Who knew us before the foundation of the world, Who loves us beyond we can think, dare or imagine.  When we take time to turn our affection to Him making us aware that He is in our midst, we magnify Him.  We may no longer make Him big because that is Who He is yesterday, today and forever, but our thanksgiving, praise and worship enlarges, boosts, enhances, maximizes, increases, augments, expands, amplifies, intensifies the way we see Him against the challenges we are facing.  We blow Him up against our mountains and empowers us to see them like molehills in His presence.  Our attitude of gratitude is not only a sweet smelling aroma into His nostrils that pleases Him but it changes our perspective on how we see Him and how we see ourselves in Him.

The other day I was in a mall looking out for Christmas decorations as I was asked by someone to help her decorate her place.  I was going around for more than an hour.  There were many salesmen every where but I noticed that one of them was really very attentive to every need I had and helped me out to the end.

He brought everything that I bought to my car which was parked far from where we were.  As we were walking, I was conversing with him, asking him about his job and when he mentioned that he will be working for this company only up to December due to contractual basis, my heart broke.  Every six months he has to apply because companies refuse to make them regular employees to avoid paying due benefits.  When I heard his situation, the amount of tip that I was thinking of to give him doubled for there was such a strong impression in me to do it.   I said to myself, if I can do one thing, no matter how small it is, I will do.  I thanked and appreciated him and as I handed him the tip, the Lord’s compassion towards him took it further.  Caught unaware, I just said, “Let me pray for you.”  He looked at me surprised as he can be and nodded, so I took his hand and started praying.

When I was driving home, like a movie, everything played back in my mind.  That particular day I almost didn’t go to the mall but since I had to deliver something to a client with an address near it, I decided to go.  Entering the car park, I saw the sign “Car Park FULL” but somehow I drove in.  The very moment I got into the basement, a parked car just left and emptied one space.  My colleague said … “oh my … if we were a minute early or a minute late, we wouldn’t have this space.”  Only then I saw from the hindsight that God had a plan all along.  If I was parked near, I wouldn’t have had that conversation with the salesman.

Looking back at what happened, I realized that because I couldn’t do anything much to his situation, the Lord led me to speak life into his life.  His words are spirit and life, therefore what I cannot do, He can do by the power of His word.  When His word is released it will not come back to Him void without it being accomplished and fulfilled.   I spoke favor into his life that will break the limitation of that “every-6-months-job-hunting”.  I spoke wisdom into the owners and management of businesses that they will SEE how the Lord treasures His people and that they will learn to treasure them, too.  I spoke HOPE to his situation, a confident expectation that something good is about to break forth into his life.

Our words are seeds and I believe what was spoken into his life are the incorruptible seeds of God that will never fail to grow.  The validation of its manifestation is in the power of His word that we give voice to and it is never about us but spoken through us.  I may or may not see the outcome of it but as our faith taps into the goodness and faithfulness of our Father, Who is always looking out for the safely, security and welfare of His children, my heart confidently trusts that those seeds will grow and bear fruit in its season without fail.

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves…” (Philippians 2:3 NIV)


Prayer:  Father, thank You that today You will open our eyes to see what You see, hear what You speak, speak what we hear You speak, and do what You prompt us to do.  Jesus, thank You for being LOVE PERSONIFIED, a kind of love that value others above ourselves.  Holy Spirit, thank You for unveiling our eyes to see, awakening our ears to hear that we may speak words in season to those who need them and enabling us to do what only You can do to and through us.  Amen.


Photo Credit:  Grace Sison





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