Intimacy With God


Intimacy is casting one shadow.   It is having one in spirit, of one mind, sharing the same thoughts, motives and actions, same tenderness and compassion, having one heart and going on the same direction.

Life is a journey.  It is a lifetime process and no has arrived yet except Jesus Who finished His work and is now seated at the right hand of the Father where pleasures are forevermore.  He did all that He needed to do ONCE AND FOR ALL that ALL of us who BELIEVE can come into this intimate relationship with Him in the presence and power of Holy Spirit Whom He sent to abide in us FOREVER.

True intimacy with the Lord is ONLY possible to attain BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH.  It is never by works lest we boast.  When one comes to the revelatory knowledge of what the Blood of Jesus accomplished, such knowledge allows us to think differently.  His Blood qualified us to partake of the riches in glory of the inheritance of the saints.  A great feast has been prepared, fully laid out and fully paid for you and I to enjoy BUT until our minds are renewed that His blood has made us worthy to stand up, get our plates, and freely go to the table and get whatever has been offered, we will never do it.  Unrenewed thinking limits us because of sin consciousness but renewed minds make us confident to come boldly before His throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace in time of need.

When our faith is anchored in the truth of us washed by the Blood of Jesus, when we are fully persuaded that His Blood made our slate clean, when His Blood made us holy to enter into His holy throne, only then holy intimacy comes to fruition.  No one is perfect and we all fall short of the glory of God therefore His Blood is the only way for us to be perpetually cleansed in spite of our failings.  God sees us through the Blood of Jesus  therefore through His blood He sees us perfect despite our imperfections.  This is the ONE and ONLY way to be established in righteousness that frees us from fear and oppression of being rejected, disowned, and unqualified to be in His presence.

“In righteousness you shall be established; you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near you.”  (Isaiah 54:14)

Holy Spirit can only dwell and abide in washed and cleansed temples.  It is not by our righteous doing that makes us His vessels but it is the GIFT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS that comes IN CHRIST.  No one works to get gifts.  Gifts are given though many of us think that we only give them to those who are deserving, but God’s unfailing and relentless love sees and does it differently.  His thoughts and ways are not like ours.  His thoughts and ways are higher beyond what we can think, dare or imagine, that many of us perceive it to be “too good to be true!”  I have good news for you … YES, it is too good to be true indeed because God is GOOD and He is the TRUTH.  His GRACE, His unmerited favor, gives gifts beyond the qualification by our works and into the qualification by Jesus’ finished work to ALL who believe and receive, and calls us the righteousness of God in Christ, that means we have now “right standing” with God that gives us confidence that He will never forsake us, nor leave us, nor reject us, nor abandon us, nor leave us helpless and without support, nor even loosen His grip on us … because now we are His.  Once bought, we are no longer our own.  We now belong to Him.  He will be our God and we are His children having the honor and privilege of calling Him “Abba!”, “Father”.

What a gift He has given us that anytime and anywhere we have a 24/7 access to His throne without cost.  All we need is to seek Him daily and He will be found.  Ask Him daily and He will answer.  Knock and we are assured that the door will be opened.  Every time we turn our attention to Him, the Light of His presence shines forth giving us the wisdom that we need to live a good life that He intended for us to live IN HIM.  As we increasingly find time to be in His Presence, we are cultivating such intimacy that deepens our relationship with Him.

Yes, it is a process, a life-long process.  When we choose to be present in His presence we get increasingly become more like Him.  When we opt for and fix on to expose ourselves to Him, we get educated in, introduced to, familiarized with, accustomed to and acquainted with Who He is, His nature, His very being.

“This is REAL LOVE–not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.”  1 John 4:10 NLT

God is love and the more we experience Him, we experience Love.  The more we think of Him, the more we think of Love.  The more we speak of Him, the more we speak of Love.  As we are progressively filled with His very Being, the more we are filled with His Love.  This is the ultimate purpose of being intimate with God … that we become love diffusers, love speakers, love doers, love carriers and love pursuers.  We become like Him WHO IS LOVE.

As we go on to live each day, think of these words that makes us think like He thinks … “WHAT DOES LOVE LOOK LIKE?”

When we see someone in need, “what does love look like?”

When we see someone sick, “what does love look like?”  It could be praying for his healing or even just taking time to keep him company.

When we see someone who doesn’t have enough money to buy food, “what does love look like?”  Treat him out or give him something to eat.

When we see someone emotionally hurt, “what does love look like?”  Maybe your presence is more than enough to comfort him or you may speak words in season, words of hope, words of encouragement.

There are a million and one ways to carry HIS LOVE to the ends of the earth and when we do, then we can somehow say … “intimacy with God has taken root in our hearts.”

‘We know what REAL LOVE is because Jesus gave up His life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters.”   (1 John 3:16 NLT)


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