When a new opportunity comes knocking at our doors and we have opened ourselves to receive it, surely it will require necessary adjustments to our schedules. We just don’t need a new timetable, but most importantly new ways require a new way of thinking for it to be effectively achieved. Our lives go according to our most dominant thoughts. We may not be aware of how powerful our thoughts are, but they really are.

Many of us make new year’s resolutions almost every year :-),  but how many of us reached our goals without changing the way we think about and towards it? Oh yes, I failed many times because my drive came from sheer will to accomplish it.  As time went by, I learned more and realized that unless my thoughts change, my ways stay the same. It is “insanity” to expect a different result without changing the way we think that leads to our changed ways.  His word says, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. (Proverbs 23:7)

Our new ways follow after our renewed mindset leading us to the transformation of our lives. But how are our thoughts changed? When we keep hearing and hearing the word of God, our options change.  It opens us to new thought patterns that override the old ones when they are no longer thought of often and always.  New thoughts not just produce new pathways but it enlarges our capacity to grasp the impossibility made possible that were once thought unfeasible.

Think with me on this.  If we are to walk on a green grass lawn without a path, it looks so smooth and even.  Let’s say you are to walk from one end to the other.   The very first time you do it, there would be nothing much of an evidence that you walked on that path.  But if you walk on that same path three times a day, how would it look after a month or two?  Surely a path would be evident without you exerting much of an effort.  You just walked and walked and walked on it.

It is the same with our thoughts.  When we keep thinking and thinking of a particular thing, eventually this thought pattern would become a habit as you act on it unconsciously.

This journey of investment for me is quite a big challenge.  It may not be for those who are already into it but since it’s alien to me, it takes amount of courage to pursue and step out into the unknown.  In addition to this, my life for the past decade was mostly focused on pressing in to know Jesus more and more by focusing on reading and meditating.  I have a good and stable job and my trips and conferences are mostly funded miraculously where I am exceedingly thankful for.  When it comes to my financial needs, He has always come through for me.  His faithfulness has always been my confidence therefore I haven’t ventured in any other way of increasing my finances knowing that I am well and good with what I have UNTIL this new year came with new desires and new beginnings, my quest to be an extravagant blesser and giver.

One of the primary reasons why I had the hesitancy to jump in into this new thing is the thought that my routine will be disturbed and eventually changed.  My minute mind couldn’t simply comprehend how I would deal with my time spent in studying how to be successful in stocks and mutual funds.  My hands are full at work and when I come home, time is mostly spent on reading, listening, meditating and worshiping.

But the Lord is so gracious and merciful to slowly let His Light illumine my limited mind and made me see that it wouldn’t affect my time with Him at all.  Ironically, since I’m a newbie in this, the more I pressed in to know His thoughts and ways seeking for His leading and guidance on how to make this work.  It so amazes me how our lives are not supposed to be compartmentalized.  In every way there is always an invitation for us to know Him and His thoughts in whatever we do, wherever we go.  He woos us to  recognize His leading that we may acknowledge Him in all of our ways.  When we come to be truly aware that He never leaves us “no matter what”, then we get to set our hearts to rest in His presence and lock ourselves in the awareness of Him being with us every step of the way, just as He promised, “I Am with you always.” (Matthew 28:20)

Sometimes what we perceive may be something that takes away our time with Him.  What surprises us along the way is the very fact that the opposite happens.  Truly His thoughts and ways are higher than ours and every learning process is a privileged opportunity to tap into His thoughts and ways.  One thing beautiful and most desirable when this happens is that He never rebukes us.  He is never intimidated with our “seemingly-know-it-all-ways”.   Instead He woos and divinely lures us to seek Him and His ways more, taking us deeper into our journey with Him to the path unknown to us but known to Him.


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank You for always looking after us, caring for us and revealing to us how inseparable we are from You.  No thing and nothing can ever separate us from You and Your love.  What a comforting thought You have revealed to us today.  Holy Spirit, teach us to be more aware of Your presence and be sensitive to Your still small voice and grace us to live and move and have our being in You always, in Jesus’ most precious and powerful Name, we pray.  Amen!

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