God Is Greater


If you think that your mess is greater than what God can do with it, THINK AGAIN!  He can turn it around for your favor in an instant and make it as a powerful message to the lost.

If you think your sin is more powerful than the Blood of Jesus, THINK AGAIN!  He turned a murdering Saul into a Jesus-freak Paul who wrote two-thirds of the New Testament.  He was powerfully transformed after one encounter with our Savior.  Just one touch of His presence will make you NEVER be the same again.

If you boast in your love for Him to keep you blessed and favored,  THINK AGAIN!  You have NO real love to give without receiving His love for you FIRST.  You cannot give what you do not have.  God put His love on the line for us by offering His Son in sacrificial death while we were of NO USE whatever to Him. (Romans 5:8 MSG)

If you’re wondering and wandering across a desert land, He KNOWS how to pursue you and put you back on track.

If you’re falling, He KNOWS how to catch you or even teach you how to fly.

If you’re drowning, He KNOWS how to save you and teach you how to walk on water.

He will make Himself KNOWN to you in a million and one ways ALL because He deeply loves you.

Nothing and no one can stop God from loving you and me … radically saying NOT EVEN our ignorance of Him.  He powerfully demonstrated it by sending Jesus to the Cross once and for ALL.  Such ignorance will be eradicated when the hearts of His faithful laid-down lovers like you and me beat in time like His.  It is when He opens doors for us to make Him known to others the very way He made Himself known to us.

Our deprivation of intimacy with Him comes from our preoccupation.  TIME is the vital key.  We are in this world where everything is fast-paced.  We wander, we fall, we drown because we want our prayers to be answered in an instant that at times positions us to be ahead of our Shepherd.  What about stopping for our Beloved?  A recipe of a dish cooked for long hours always comes out the best.   Why in a hurry?  Be present in His presence and enjoy your journey with Him.

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