Step Out Of The Boat


Don’t be afraid to step out of the boat.  God is a God of many chances and will never count how many times we have missed the mark but how many times we have exercised our faith by trusting in His goodness that even if we fail and fall, it doesn’t change the way He thinks about us, how He sees us let alone diminish His love for us.  His love is unfailing, unchangeable and is always available.

Faith is all about taking risks but it’s a safe risk with an invisible net of God’s grace that lies beneath.  I’m not saying that we’ll just carelessly jump off the cliff without being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit but it’s all about the fruit of our intimate relationship with Him that compels us to ride in the adventures of our lives in Him.  It is when we feel a strong tug in our hearts to follow where He leads us with such conviction that we heard the voice of our Good Shepherd calling His sheep who knows His voice.

This world has so successfully programmed us to fear when we make mistakes but when Jesus died at the cross and powerfully demonstrated our Father’s love, the confidence in knowing this truth sets us free.  It is the truth that the full wrath of God was exhausted in the body  of Jesus at the cross and all that’s left in Him for us is His love that brings freedom to freely take that ride on eagle’s wings sustained by His breath.  True freedom from fear only comes when we experientially know His perfect love for us, a love that is never shaken when we’re mistaken.

If we live a “safe life”, then we deprive ourselves of God’s supernatural ability to show Himself strong in our lives.  Always remember that when He calls us to the impossible, know that He has already committed Himself to make it possible.  All He is waiting for us is to yield ourselves into His will and know that it is good and that HE IS A GOOD, GOOD FATHER Whose goodness is way beyond what we can think or imagine.

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying:  “Who shall I send, and who will go for Us?”  Then I said, “Here am I!  Send me.” Isaiah 6:8 NKJV

Saying HERE I AM to the Great I AM is such a powerful word of surrender, trust and commitment, that when we say these words, we posture ourselves in complete abandonment into the arms and mercy of our Father.  But this is just our part.  I never knew that there is also God’s part of being bound into His Word of Promise, Him saying to you and me, HERE I AM!

“Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer;  You shall cry, and He will say,                “HERE I AM!”  Isaiah 58:9 NKJV

We have been called by the Lord to make a difference, to encourage, to loose the bonds of those who are oppressed, to undo heavy burdens, to share what we have been blessed with, to clothe the naked, to comfort those who mourn, to be someone’s sunshine in darkness, to bring hope to the hopeless … to diffuse the fragrance of the glory of God’s love to the ends of the earth.   What He has called us to do is to co-labor with Him and fill the whole earth with His goodness.  Yes,  we cannot do it without Him and yes, He will not do it without us for the earth He has already given to the children of men (Psalm 115:16 NKJV).  Surprised?  Hmmm .. He made us vessels of His presence that we may become His hands and feet touching the lives of those around us all for the glory of His name.

To walk with confidence and surety in carrying His glory, declaring His Word and expecting for the manifestation of what we are believing for is achored in our neediness of His abiding presence.  His enabling power is imperative that causes us to be in triumphant parade .  The assurance in His Word when He said, “HERE I AM!” is all we need.  He made Himself available to and for us.  What are we waiting for?

So, why not start getting our feet wet?  Or take a little step farther with our eyes set on the price, with JOY in our hearts knowing that He is the One Who is effectually at work in us both to will and to do for His own good pleasure?  It is His zeal that will accomplish it for us, not by might nor by power, but by His Spirit.    After all, He is the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, The First and The Last.  He Who began a good work in us is faithful to finish it to an EXPECTED end and that expected end is definitely, absolutely and SURELY GOOD!!!


Photo Credits:  Gerry Acebedo



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