Be Still


“Then He added, “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given–and you will receive even more.”  Mark 4:24 NLT

Are we considering carefully what we hear or are we complacent enough to expose our ears to anything that comes within the frequency of our hearing?

As I am staring at this photo of how greatly calm the water is that it perfectly reflected the sky above it, it dawned on me how the stillness of our hearts can reflect the way we perceive our God as the one Who ceases the winds and calms the storms of our lives.

We all know that trials and tribulations come and go but how are we going to respond when the gusty winds blow that cause our emotions to get so strong that they well up into a massive wave?

One of the secrets to combat these unforeseeable events is to keep hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  We pay close attention to what we are inclining our ears to hear, constantly and consistently heeding the voice of our Shepherd.   We make seed deposits of the word of God into the garden of our hearts before the storms come.  We arm ourselves with the sword of our spirits which is the word of God, the seeds that must take root deep enough during the calm days to keep us steady and strong when challenges catch us by surprise.

I love the whole chapter of Psalm 46.  How it speaks of how we are to thoughtfully regard God as our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  How we are NOT to fear though the world around us crumbles and disintegrates due to famines and wars, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. When nations are in uproar and earthly kingdoms fall, the Lord Almighty is with us.  Our confidence comes when we know that when He lifts His voice, the earth melts.

Jesus Who walked on earth, filled with the Holy Spirit without measure, demonstrated it very well when the disciples witnessed the great calm as they crossed the stormy seas after Jesus rebuked the wind and the sea.  When they saw what unfolded before their eyes as a powerful outcome when faith-filled words were spoken, they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, “What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?” (Mark 4:41 KJV)


Consider this with me, when God speaks the whole earth trembles in submission to His word.   How much more when He speaks into our hearts?  Haven’t you noticed that it is HE, the Great I AM, Who spoke and said, “Be still, and know that I AM God!”?  He is the God Who created the whole world into existence by the word of His power,  don’t you think our hearts will melt in submission when we hear His voice and be at peace with just two words, BE STILL? Or maybe FEAR NOT?

Our knowledge of Him practically through personal experience is limited when we go ignorant of His Word.  His will is wrapped within His Word.  He is the Word. Unawareness of what He is constantly speaking into our hearts deprives us from personally encountering how much HE LOVES US, how much He is committed to our good, our welfare, our well-being.  He loves us so much that He entrusted us His Name.  He entrusted us His authority to believe and declare His Word.  He entrusted us with Himself that He chose to dwell in our innermost being and personality in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit FOR HIM TO BE SO CLOSE ENOUGH AND BE HEARD WITH HIS STILL SMALL VOICE yet greatly powerful enough to cease the whole world if He chooses to.  But He chose to speak into our hearts of Who He is, how He sees us, who we are and whose we are that secures our identity IN HIM.

“Little children (believers, dear ones), you are OF GOD and YOU BELONG TO HIM and have already overcome them; because HE WHO IS IN YOU IS GREATER than he who is in the world.”  1John 4:4

You and I belong to the GREAT I AM!  We are sons and daughters of the Most High God.  When we take heed what we hear, when we listen to the still small voice of our Almighty Father “You are MINE.” and believe, then His voice will cause our hearts to BE STILL and KNOW that He’s got our backs covered.

IN CHRIST, we are not subject to our situations but we are above them.

IN CHRIST, we are not in bondage, may it be sickness and disease or lack and poverty.  Instead, we have been powerfully freed from these by His finished work.

IN CHRIST, we are seated far above principalities and rulers of the darkness.

IN CHRIST is light when darkness seem to envelop us.

IN CHRIST is hope that a confident expectation of good is coming our way.

IN CHRIST is love, peace and joy.

IN CHRIST, we are soaring eagles where the crows of distractions can’t reach.

IN CHRIST we overcome!


I love the chorus of this song …

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father, You are King over the flood
I will be still and know You are God


Photo Credits:  Erik Quianzon

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