Answered Prayer


All of us must have experienced challenges that seemed to be at a dead end.  When this happened, I am pretty sure that all of us must have also looked up to God when there seemed to be no way after everything else that we considered to be exit signs failed.  I, for one, was one of those who made God as the last resort.  Thankfully, God is always doing a new thing every single day for His mercies are new every morning


One day I was busy at work when all of a sudden I got a text message from an unknown number offering me a business deal.  In an instant I confidently thought that the one who texted me was a good friend of mine from another country.  Before I knew it, I was engaged in a text conversation that led me to deposit a certain amount to a bank account which was even in another name.   While this was going on, I never thought ill nor doubted the person.

When another text came in asking again for the same amount, I excitedly said yes.  But this time, while I was driving to once again transact another business, I heard a prompting in my heart, “IT’S A SCAM!”  I almost stopped the car.  It felt like all my blood went to my face making it so red while my ears became so hot.

The first words that came out from my mouth were, “THANK YOU, LORD, for stopping me!”  I may have already sent the money for the first transaction but I was very grateful that nothing else was added.

At this point, I examined what happened.  Yes, I was in a rush thinking of a quick monetary return that without even evaluating and confirming well, I just jumped into it.  Of course, I felt bad, guilty  and condemned. I was in oppression for a few days asking why oh why it happened.

But God Who is rich in mercy and abounding in love was still on the move.  I inquired of Him what I must do.  I, too, needed that amount.  The beauty of it was that I never felt condemned by God.  I knew He was just as close as the mention of His name, never leaving me nor forsaking me.  I somehow knew that He has already gone before me and has already prepared the solution for me.

Our Heavenly Father Who loves us so always sees BIGGER and sees AHEAD.  Then, there was such a strong tug in my heart and as I listened, this was what I got, “Forgive the person!  Release the person! Speak a blessing upon the person!  You do not wrestle against flesh and blood.  When you do, what has been stolen from you will be converted into a seed that in due time you will reap a harvest.” Oh wow … you just can’t imagine the JOY that burst so powerfully in my heart. The joy of the Lord gave me the strength to forgive, release and speak a blessing upon the person.  His mercy triumphed over judgment.  The assurance of His love made my heart at rest knowing that restoration was on its way.  SURELY He will cause me to reap a harvest that is more than what was taken from me for a promised harvest is always greater than the seed sown.

Holy Spirit in us corrects and makes the wrong things right in our lives. His language is a language of solution and not condemnation. He not only instructs us to do what is right but He also empowers us to do what is right.  He truly is all the while effectually at work in us both to will and to do for HIS own pleasure, delight and satisfaction.

When our heart’s motives change, the outcome also changes. When we SEEK HIM FIRST and His ways of doing right, surely He will answer.  And when He answers, He graces us to do what He has spoken to us.  Then, ALL other things shall be added unto us.

For a couple of weeks after that scam incident, I continuously and consistently spoke a blessing upon the person until I found so much peace and joy in my heart to bless him.  The love of God has overridden and overtaken my heart.  The pain of being violated dissipated.  And then one day, someone surprisingly handed me a check with an amount that was double.  Hallelujah!  Truly our God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him and His ways.

When things don’t go as we expect them to be, our default mode is to ASK HIM TO SHOW UP AND GIVE US ANSWERS.  But more often than not, He doesn’t bring us the answers right away.  Instead, He’s got instructions for us to follow to get to the answers. I believe He desires to develop our relationship with Him while we are on the road to the answers.  NOW, when He shows up, the other question that we should ask ourselves is that, ARE WE WILLING TO DO WHAT HE SPEAKS?

This is what prayer is all about. It is our intimate conversation with God.  We come to commune with Him with or without our requests.  He is not intimidated by our bizarre list but what He desires is for us to be present in His presence 100%.  It is in this locked-in moment with Him where He downloads to us His desires for us.  And as we listen, we receive.  As He says things and we take heed to His voice, it is He Who enables us to confidently obey what He is saying.  From beginning to end, it’s all about Him.  Our role is just to participate.

A lot of times we may think that He isn’t answering our prayers because we are expecting them to be answered the very same way we expect them to be answered.  I believe it’s time for us to learn how to dance with Him.  He has a million and one ways to get the answers to us and none of them are identical.  Therefore we aren’t designed to copy or imitate someone else’s.  He wants us to pursue His plans, thoughts and ways that are custom-made for us.  As He leads, we follow and flow with the unforced rhythm of His grace.

The Light has come and the glory has risen within us in the presence and power of Holy Spirit, the resurrection power of Christ in us.   So, let’s ARISE and SHINE!  It’s time for the revealing sons of God to take our rightful place and diffuse the fragrance of the knowledge of His love to all mankind.  It’s time for us to tell the world that we have a God Who loves, Who cares, Who sees, Who hears, Who is with us, and Who answers prayers.  Then all will come to the knowledge of this powerful kind of love that can never be rejected nor go unnoticed for it is too good to be ignored.  It is a kind of love that keeps on keeping on.

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