Have you ever had a day when nothing seemed to be working according to how you wanted it to be?  You may have exhausted all your ideas on what else to do, exerted all the strength in your body and the only remaining option you have is to lie down and sleep, hoping for a good and refreshing tomorrow with His new mercies made available for you.

Thank God for this uttered promise … “But as for me, Your strength shall be my song of joy.  At EACH and EVERY sunrise, my lyrics of Your love will fill the air!  For You have been my Glory-Fortress, a Stronghold in my day of distress.”  (Psalm 59:16 TPT)

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Pieces To Promise!

We all know that God gives promises to His children and they are YES in Christ and we say AMEN to agree for His glory (2 Corinthians 1:20). He may move in unprecedented suddenlies in a miracle format of instancy or He may take us into a journey of discovering His ways in a very personal manner that will take us through a process to a flourishing finish. To Him, either way is a purposeful way. Continue reading “Pieces To Promise!”