The Secret Of Protection


One of the powerful promises of the Heavenly Father for us is our protection.  It is but a naturally supernatural nature of the Father to keep His sons and daughters safe from harm.  His arms are wide open to cover and accommodate us ALL, as He longs and wants to gather His children together as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings.

Protection is the state of being kept from harm and loss.  It is the state of being protected
from something that keeps a person or thing from being harmed or lost.  Protection also includes supervision or support of one that is smaller and weaker.  Obviously in our relationship with God, He is the One bigger, with no equal nor rival.  He is our cover, armor, shield, security, wall, defense, strong tower, shelter and our very present help in time of need.

With the chaos and calamities unrestrained in this world that we live in, we need to be fortified by HIM WHO is greater and mightier in whom NO FOE can come against. It is our utmost necessity to be fully guarded 24/7.  The question is how?  Everywhere we look or every news we hear, they all carry the same message of inflicting fear into our human hearts that are proned to shake and tremble.  With our all own human effort, to be still and steady is next to impossible. BUT WITH GOD, NOTHING is impossible.

Yes, we do pray, declare and decree the hedge of protection by the power of the Blood of Jesus.  Yes, we trust Him with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding.  But ONE THING I have learned today is to intentionally seek Him, seek His face, seek to hear Him speak everyday.  We ask for our daily “manna“, that means “what is it“.  I love asking our Lord every morning, “what is it, Lord, that you have for me today?”  And yes, He always answers through His Word that is our daily bread to partake that fills and refreshes.  He satisfies us with Himself before we go out of our houses that prevents us, protects us and leaves no room for us to fulfill the lusts of our flesh nor be filled with the trash that this world has to offer as we get fully filled and flooded with His Spirit at the onset of the day.  No wonder His word says to SEEK HIM FIRST!  To seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (us having right standing before Him in Christ that empowers us to do right) and all these things shall be added unto us.
Psalm 91 is one powerful chapter in the Bible that talks about His protection over us with just one requirement to be able to experience and get exposed to being overshadowed by His mighty protection and that is by DWELLING IN THE SECRET PLACE, communing with Him, being aware of Him in our minds and emotions that posture our wills to be enthralled in His love.

Today I have woken up to another word that speaks of His protection in Proverbs 2:8 “for He GUARDS the course of the just and PROTECTS the way of His faithful ones.”  Oh wow what an added truth to meditate on.  It is another layer of brick added to building us as His temples.  Every time we receive a revealed word, He takes us from faith to faith, from strength to strength, from glory to glory, without negating or rendering void what has been previously revealed to us.

I inquired of Him again, “how, do You guard our course and protect our way, Lord?” Hmmm … of course He just led me to go through the verses before that.  Duhhhh 😀😀😀. He always makes things easy while we make them complicated that somehow somewhere along the way, when we figure things out, we take the credit for it. 🙂 🙂 But, nahhhh … just as all the promises of protection in Psalm 91 are all anchored in the first two verses, in here, the keys are found in verses 1-5.

So, here we go.  Proverbs 2:1-5 ESV

“My son, if you RECEIVE My words and TREASURE UP My commandments with you,

making your ear ATTENTIVE to wisdom and INCLINING YOUR HEART to understanding;

yes, if you CALL OUT for insight and RAISE YOUR VOICE for understanding,

if you SEEK it like silver and SEARCH for it as for hidden treasures,

then you will UNDERSTAND the fear of the Lord and FIND the knowledge of God.

Then, this is the promise … Proverbs 2:6-8

“For the Lord GIVES wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding;

He STORES UP sound wisdom for the upright; He is a SHIELD to those who walk in integrity,

for He GUARDS the course of the just and PROTECTS the way of His faithful ones.”

Our security is not automatic just because He said it. But the application of His word of wisdom comes when we confidently KNOW His promises, RECEIVE them in our hearts and WALK in them.  Ignorance costs.  People perish due to lack of knowledge, have rejected knowledge or have forgotten it (Hosea 4:6 NKJV).  I believe this is the very reason why He unceasingly reiterates in His Word how He longs for us to KNOW HIM by the power of His word revealed to us by Holy Spirit.

Picture with me on this, that when we invest in insurances, there are terms and conditions attached to the policy.  If we don’t know what claims we have, even if we completely paid for the premium and then something happens, I doubt it very much if the insurance company will come running after us to give us what is due us.  On the contrary, we are to be the ones to go to them and put a demand on the claims.  It takes courage and confidence that come from our knowledge of it to be able to do it.

Knowledge is power.  Revelation knowledge of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is the greatest knowledge one could ever have which is only made possible when we choose to spend time to commune with our Triune God that changes the way we think. Truly as a man thinks, in his heart so is He. Our lives are products of what we are think. Our lives go according to our most dominant thoughts.  Life transformation comes as a result of a transformed mind.  No wonder one of the most powerful secrets to success is in Joshua 1:8

“This Book of the Law shall NOT DEPART out of your mouth, but YOU shall MEDITATE on it day and night, that YOU may OBSERVE and DO according to all that is written in it. For then YOU shall make your way PROSPEROUS, and then YOU shall DEAL WISELY and HAVE GOOD SUCCESS.” Joshua 1:8 AMPC

Nothing in this verse says God will make our way prosperous, that God will deal wisely for us.  His word says, you and I will.  BUT IT IS HE Who gives us wisdom, knowledge and understanding through Holy Spirit inside of us as we meditate, keep hearing and heading His voice. As His word resonates in our hearts and becomes a part of us, then speaking and doing is inevitable, effortlessly leading us to have a successful life.

Take time to get into His presence. Take time to worship Him by the knowledge of His word.  Take time to meditate, utter and mutter His word, regurgitate it until the nutrients are extracted from it.  Take it slow.  Savor and enjoy what He is speaking to you and treasure it in your heart.

How truly blessed we are to be living in this part of the world where all the versions of the Bible we can get it in a snap of a finger.  I have heard stories in some places where His Word is restricted, where one person can only own a single page to read, study and meditate on.  Until the group comes together, only then they will be able to share the page that they carry to get a whole chapter.  I have seen their reactions on the video hugging and treasuring that one page and have envied them for their passion to know Him MORE.  What a beautiful scene to behold.

Father, thank You for giving us Your word.  Thank You for revealing to us Your Word by the presence and power of Holy Spirit living inside of us.  Create in us hunger and thirst to know You more knowing that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness they shall be FILLED.  This we ask in the mighty name of Jesus.  Amen!

“Give thanks to Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.” (Psalm 118:1)



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