Customized Favor!


The enemy always causes our eyes to see the favor of God in other people’s lives and when he does it, it creates confusion, comparison and jealousy.  BUT when God directs our eyes to see His favor in other people’s lives, He will cause our hearts to yearn to know Him more and discover His favor in our own lives that satisfies.

How the enemy always twists how we see things by the power of his lying whispers that when not silenced by the written, revealed, spoken word of God can lead us to deception.

“If it is true that You look favorably on me, let me know Your ways so I may understand You more fully and continue to enjoy your favor.”  (Exodus 33:13 NLT)

I used to utter this verse for a season in my life.  I used to focus on the word “IF” which is an expression of not being sure if I am favored by the Lord.  But then again, when you go to the verse prior to this, it says, “I know you by name, and you have also found grace in My sight.” (Exodus 33:12 NKJV).   That means when Moses uttered the “IF”, the Lord already spoke to Him that he was favored in His sight.

When you see the favor of the Lord in your life, be thankful and celebrate God’s goodness. Acknowledge His hand moving by thansksgiving, praise and worship.

I was set to travel to a close by city.  It was indeed a great privilege in which I was so thankful for.  But one thing that quite bothered me was the thought that I won’t have a secluded private place to be alone with the Lord in the mornings.  It’s one thing that I really desire most but at times I don’t have control over.  It was the cry of my heart and mentioned this to no one to such an extent that I even asked the Lord to cancel the trip if it is His will for me not to go.  But then again, when He has an agenda, who can change it when we yield our lives to Him?  I may have it in my mind to back off for this very reason  BUT when His breathes favor in our direction, a shift comes, a wonderful place is made ready and a private time is set.  It was such a beautiful experience of Him opening my eyes to SEE the favor that has already be all the while made ready for me.

Did I work for it?  NO!  Did I deserve it? NO!  How can I deserve something I haven’t worked for?  But when you see it, have it and experience it, then you have come to the knowledge of HIS UNMERITED FAVOR in your life.

During this whole trip, I have seen favor after favor that was poured into one of my friend’s life.  It was breathtaking from the least to the greatest ones I have seen in her life.  I was minding what my mind was thinking and my heart saying for I knew that when I see it through the eyes of God’s love, it surely will be bring encouragement to me. Praise God that seeing the favor profusely pouring upon my friend’s life caused me to be confident on how God sees me.  And that He doesn’t have lesser daughters nor lesser sons. He lavished all of us the same with His great love by dying at the cross for all of us. He daily loaded us with benefits according to His glorious riches and wealth.  The only difference I believe is our believing, receiving and expecting end.  What we believe we receive and what we receive from His word we expect to see it manifest before our eyes.

I was so thankful to the Lord at that very moment that He caused me to see His favor in my friend’s life and in my life through the lens of His love instead of comparing them. Comparison always dulls the radiance of God’s favor in our lives.  It causes discouragement.  Let then this be our daily reminder to KNOW that God is always with us, causing favor to fall upon us at all times and press in to see them one by one that maneuvers our hearts to be thankful every time.  Be encouraged that no favor is identical but every one of them is powerfully essential to who we are and purposeful to who He created us to be.   Be encouraged confident that when He is With us at all times, His favor follows.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.””
Joshua 1:9 NKJV

In everything give thanks. Learn to recognize His voice of guidance and His hand of favor in your life. He speaks the language of solution! He speaks the language of provision! He speaks the language of wisdom. He speaks the language of healing.  And when He speaks, His hand is on the move!  Just as when “God SAID, Let there BE light, and there WAS light (Genesis 1:3 NKJV).”  Be expectant for expectation is a breeding ground for breakthroughs to manifest.

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