Humility Begets Holiness


I used to wonder what HOLINESS truly means.  It has been a question in my heart though I know that one of its definitions is … “being set apart for God’s use”.  But God WHO is so mindful of us hears the cry of our hearts.  He sometimes answers immediately, at times after quite sometime.  One thing certain with Him though is that HE SURELY ANSWERS.  He has numerous ways of answering and all we need to do is yield our hearts into His voice and recognize the avenue in which He speaks.

To live in holiness is to live a life of humility where our hearts are totally submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ in the presence of the Holy Spirit in us. It is a life of total abandonment and openness into the treasures of His word spoken to us and we receive it in its entirety.

We go low and slow. We take time to internalize what we feast in the word wrapped in His presence, powerfully unveiled for us to see by the Holy Spirit abiding in us until the revealed word becomes a part of our lives.
Imagine yourself eating food.  You put it in your mouth and taste it.  You enjoy and savor the flavor and delight in the texture as you chew the tenderness of the meat or the crunchiness of the veggies. Upon swallowing, the food leaves your senses and now into the next phase of being digested and later on absorbed becoming a part of your body without you knowing it.
If what you’ve chosen to eat is healthy and you keep choosing the right food for you in which your benchmark is not just how it tastes but how much good it can do to your body, eventually you will feel and see the outcome of it. You will  feel right because you’ve eaten right. You just became what you eat.
It is the same way with eating the Bread of Life, Jesus Who is the Word.  We read or hear the Word, meditate, regurgitate until we’ve extracted the spiritual nutrients that come with it and swallow it until the word becomes a part of us.  As we keep feasting in His Word and feeding on His faithfulness, we become like Him.  We stay connected into the Vine and connectedness always take us to a place of unceasing and graceful fruitfulness.
Living in holiness does not just come one time. Everyday we live with choices and choosing to live according to what is written in the manual of life, the Bible, we can always expect a fruitful life, a prosperous life, a life filled with wisdom and strength. A life of righteousness that is a precious gift given to us when Jesus fully PAID it all at the cross.  He paid a steep price for you and me that delighted Him to call us HIS OWN.

True holiness is not about what we do but WHO WE ARE.  Our identity as God’s precious possessions graces, empowers and allows us to do good deeds ALL because the One Who is good lives inside you and me.  Holiness is all about ownership.  Jesus owns us and He sets us apart for His own use.  We are HIS and all we need to do is yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit that requires us to hand over our lives to Him.  It is a life where our will is enthralled in His love knowing that His plans and purposes for us are way above and beyond what we can think or imagine.  It is a life of holy obedience and surrender to the best blueprint He has ever designed, a GOOD LIFE He has prearranged and made ready for us.
All by His mercy, grace and abounding love, living a holy life is giving permission for the Holy Spirit Who is abiding in us consistently and constantly, to empower us to live His life through us diffusing the knowledge of His love to the ends of the earth. How? His ways vary for every person for each one has been given a measure of faith and a measure of favor. We steward what He has given to us differently but we have ONE plumb line as a our guide, His Word that never fails that stands FOREVER.

We live a holy life one day at a time. It is a day by day, step by step, choice by choice, and yes by yes process.  When we move forward ARMED WITH HIS LOVE, we go from line upon line, precept upon precept, from faith to faith, strength to strength and from glory to glory.

Holiness is indeed all about our identity whose we are.  He said, “Be holy for I Am holy.” (1 Peter 1:15).  Be like the Holy One Who called us.  We can only do holy deeds when the One Who lives inside of us, the Holy Spirit, graces us to be holy in all our conduct and set us apart from the world by our godly character and moral courage, NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER, BUT BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD.  Then the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives becomes evident.

Our BEING always produces our DOING!  It is a life from the inside out, the life of Christ in and through us and with this He gets ALL the glory and praise.

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