Givers, That’s Who We Are


The sun was created to give light at daytime and the moon at nighttime. He created clouds not just to add beauty to the skies but also to give shade and bring down rain.   He created the flowers to bloom for us to see the beautiful work of His hand.  He created the fruit trees, vegetables, fish, etc  for our food.  He gave us pets for us to enjoy.  He created and designed everything to give off of itself for us. They were all created “selfless” without a choice but you and I were created to have a free-will whether to be generous or not though originally and wonderfully made to be one.

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You Are Mine!


When our gateways, our ears and eyes, are open to the news all around us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the magnitude of the bad news far outweighs the good ones.  When we are consumed by the reality of what we see and hear, it is just but norm for fear to have a grip on us.  BUT God Who is abounding in love fashioned us to be peculiar and gave us the free will to choose, to choose to hear and see bad news that makes us fearful or to choose to hear the GOOD NEWS to be in faith?  To have a choice is a gift and if we choose LIFE, then we will see LIFE!  Continue reading “You Are Mine!”